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Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

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Figured I should maybe start one thread for all my 2 and 3 wheeled junk rather than have many threads (I'll probably forget this thread and end up updating one of the old ones but meh)

First off is the one that got me hooked back on scooters after many years the mighty Let's 2

Starting with my Mrs SJ50 which became VG's then Sentra Dave's, moving onto a Frankenstein AZ that was replaced by a JDM Let's 2 that The greatest Ben shipped up from Wellington and I think the last update was the AZ50 my Mrs upgraded to from the SJ.


Since then I got the Let's to the point it would wind out over 110k and put a LOT of K's on the engine going on Moped NZ rides and even did a couple passes at OS drags


Tolaga Bay trying to find the Eastcape Escapade riders.






Then in January I dragged it up to Hamilton for Greg's Ham Ride, started out well with it pulling as hard as normal for the first 30 minutes or so until it started seizing up hard enough to lock the rear wheel at speed, after @64vauxhall used his Gyro to push me to the first stop I mucked around with bigger jetting and ended up dumping oil in the fuel too, it went almost mint again for the rest of the tank, until I filled it up with straight fuel at the lunch stop and within minutes it was seized again, figuring the plastic oil pump drive had stripped I dumped more oil in the fuel and just raped it until the air filter came off and it leaned out and locked up solid and then just wouldn't restart



Back at Brent's I discovered the oil pump was working just fine and managed to get it going again, so fuck it skid till it dies!




Had tied a cable tie around the lever locking the front brake on and the throttle wide open, managed to do it mid skid too haha

Ended up with it so hot I could turn the key off and it just kept running at WOT haha!


Epic day!

Got it home, fitted another filter, 2 kicks and it was running fine :shock:

It's sat neglected but not forgotten since, once I get some other projects done I will tear down the engine and see just how bad it is then rebuild with much more aggressive porting and pipe, might as well test the limits of a stock style crank right?


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Next should really be the Gyro's right?


So take this


Add way way too much money and several other Gyros and end up with this:



Welllll if I'm honest that isn't really the one I started with, the first one ended up having pretty much every single part changed to build the Green one and actually went back together with another engine, later forks and some Aussie export and is now known as Plan B, @Berjjj ran it down the strip at the OS drags


@Shakotom testing it's off road capability around the Coromandel, plan is it will get the engine I built for the Green one and probably a pit bike front end, Green one will be getting a stupid engine build once I find time, $$ and the right parts.


This one is going to get a tidy up and then dunno



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What next?

Might as well go with my main project of late, my Honda CF50 "Chandler"


@MopedNZ found this on TM for a decent price and since it was in Gisborne and I'm in Gisborne it was a given that I would pick it up.

Ever since I rode @BLIZZO's C50 I wanted something with stupid power and this would be a perfect candidate, didn't take too long and a deal was done and Chandler was mine


Add a brand new "40cc" engine, some decent upgrade parts, cut and polish and yeah it's still not as brutal as I would like it to be, but it's scared everyone else that's ridden it haha, I just like having something with a bit of go that I can ride with no fucks given about paint or anything






If only it was a 2stroke haha

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Hmm ok now what?

The FA50s? The Pal-Dio hacker that's in the back of my mind?   Na.


So a couple weeks back an old mate flicked me a message and asked if I did anything with Vespas etc or am I just into Jappas?

Turned out he had a Vespa that didn't kick over that I could have a look at, told him I was keen and would get around at some point soon.

Only details I knew was it was from the 90s and didn't turn over, but still I bolted the bike stands in the van and drove up to Pukehohe a couple days later.

Now when I got there I didn't know if it was one of those modern plastic twist and go things, small frame or big frame, hell I wasn't even sure if it was for sale or if I was going to be fixing it for him hahaha!


Anyway it turned out to be a 99 LML made Vespa NV SPL 150cc shifty, deal was made and I owned it!




Few rust issues, but the frame is solid!


Engine is locked up, pretty sure the rings have rusted to the bore.


Might need a new seat lol


Thinking 177cc kit, spanny, big carb and a general tidy up.

Might flick it off after that or might get my 6L and keep it, we'll see as there is deff a market for them, @Mintie and @64vauxhall among others were trying to buy it before I even got it back to Gisborne and out of the van lol



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One more, for now...


Back in mid January @JBlades PM'd me asking if I knew anyone after a Jog and sent these pics





How could I say no??



Needs a bit of love but it was a fair price so I can't complain.

Won't idle/run well and the front brake sticks on hard.
The seat latch is missing, cable is snapped at the key end so I'm guessing the latch was removed instead of replacing the cable.

Got it home, got it to run sort of (had to stay on the throttle, if it died it wouldn't restart till stone cold) and priced up a new latch/cable etc from Yamaha Japan and it wasn't going to be too bad price wise for new parts inc EMS from Japan, way less than 2nd hand in NZ anyway FFS.

BUUUUT instead of ordering them I pushed it into storage and pretty much forgot about it for a while.


Then in March I picked up a new seat latch among other parts from a local Barry...


FA50 has had the kickstart welded on...    backwards!    but it does actually run fairly well, C50 was sold to @Shakotom before I even got home with it, really should have kept it/better it's gone somewhere that it's getting worked on rather than hoarded here rusting away waiting.


Still did nothing to the Jog though, until today

Pulled the carb off the parts one and gave it a good clean out


Swapped it over, primed the bowl and second kick it was away and idling perfect.
Encouraged by that I went onto the next issue and pulled the caliper off the parts wreck, it was sticking just as bad as the one on this but a quick clean and sand of the slides and it's mint, so I swapped the new pads from the old caliper in, fitted and bled.



It actually runs really well for a stocker with either a slipping belt or clutch and loaded up with clean air emissions EGR crap!    Speedo doesn't work atm but it had no issue at all keeping up with traffic on my test ride and it even pulled up hill easy as.

I've always wanted to go extreme on a Minarelli engine build, think big stroker crank and hyper race cylinder, something like a 2FAST or Bidalot 96cc set up and aim for 140kph, but Sandy is in love with the Jog, so I'm thinking a decent sport or mid-race 70cc cylinder, sport pipe and variator etc and she can upgrade from her Blue Suzuki.




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Swapped the dash over from the parts Jog the other day, works mint even if it's got over 60,000k on the clock now ha!

Think this scooters seen a bit of salt water in its life, all the electrics in the dash were corroded and the bars etc were rusty as, so they got swapped over too.

Got a new Polini belt on the way, have a full Polini CVT kit sitting on my stock shelf begging to be fitted if no one buys it soon...

Also the Blue AZ50 might be up for grabs at some point, just need to get the Jog fast enough to keep the Mrs happy first and get @64vauxhall to work his magic on the seat.


Might be picking up yet another oddball scooter very soon too, deal is in the works...

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The blue AZ might be soon, maybe the white Gyro too.

Also should be picking up 3 first gen Jogs in the next few weeks which will all be for sale too.



Went for a lunch time hoon with @64vauxhall the other day



Then took over central Auckland with @GuyWithAviators and @Shakotom that night



Church of FOAMERS.



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Have put a lot of Ks on the Chandler since my last post, crashed it again being a dick drifting on grass lol, fitted Polini brakes in the front and then did a 70odd K ride in the rain the other weekend for something to do/see how far the 2L tank would get me.

The other night I got pulled over finally, I was shitting myself but it turned out they pulled me only because it'd blown the tail light bulb again, the 2 cops loved it!   They just said I might want to chuck a baffle in the pipe as it's the loudest 50cc in town hahahaha

Snapped the exhaust right after that and rode home with just an open headpipe lol.       Couple nights ago I re-welded the exhaust, beefed up the exhaust mount, went to an even bigger main jet, swapped the oil again and also added a ballast resistor to try and keep the lights happy.


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WTF was I thinking haha


After a few drinks we came up with a pretty solid plan on Saturday night for what to do with the pink movie, so stay tuned for the adventures of a crackwhore, otherwise known as Barbie on meth lol.


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