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  1. Get the shock shortened by a engineering shop and the thread redone. Cheap and easy to reinstall
  2. There's 1 of these pretty rusty round the corner from me, all there though, what's a good offer to try grab it
  3. Yup I can help out if needed
  4. I know a guy up in Auckland had a set on his cressida, very cool wheels
  5. Looking so good, well done, love the amassed accessories
  6. Jeez that bear almost got you. So rad man sounds and looks cool well done.
  7. Ha my dad was keen on buying this, I love these shapes, very cool. Nice blue air bagged one on Google was the motivation
  8. @kirk28 will be able to give you heaps of info, he's a crown piner!
  9. These are such cool land barges that you kinda want to save them! Fix the rust properly, means you don't have to worry later. I love the standard look of these and you just never see them anymore.
  10. I think the front doors good, I'll have to check the fender. I think we might dollar reserve the lot. I'll keep you posted I'm in hawkes bay
  11. I picked up one of these for the 12t engine and box and front discs and diff. Got a body left over if you need any spares. Bloody cool trucks these, go anywhere