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  1. These are such cool land barges that you kinda want to save them! Fix the rust properly, means you don't have to worry later. I love the standard look of these and you just never see them anymore.
  2. I think the front doors good, I'll have to check the fender. I think we might dollar reserve the lot. I'll keep you posted I'm in hawkes bay
  3. I picked up one of these for the 12t engine and box and front discs and diff. Got a body left over if you need any spares. Bloody cool trucks these, go anywhere
  4. I'm sure uv seen these
  5. Your awesome. Love these wagons, you done good, glad it went to someone who will do something with it
  6. Man I was so keen on this car when it popped up for sale! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it
  7. Cool man, it'll be good to see your truck up and running
  8. That blue wellside hilux is pretty keen to sell his, lowball him?
  9. Yes yes yes! Love these wagons! Well done
  10. You should check out the suspension! Very effective and works brilliant