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  1. Giant's 84 hj60

    These are such cool land barges that you kinda want to save them! Fix the rust properly, means you don't have to worry later. I love the standard look of these and you just never see them anymore.
  2. Giant's 84 hj60

    I think the front doors good, I'll have to check the fender. I think we might dollar reserve the lot. I'll keep you posted I'm in hawkes bay
  3. Giant's 84 hj60

    I picked up one of these for the 12t engine and box and front discs and diff. Got a body left over if you need any spares. Bloody cool trucks these, go anywhere
  4. Jesses turbo mirage thread discussion

    I'm sure uv seen these
  5. Be4vers - GX60 Wagon - Discussion

    Your awesome. Love these wagons, you done good, glad it went to someone who will do something with it
  6. Man I was so keen on this car when it popped up for sale! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it
  7. austin owner's 85' 2wd hilux discussion

    Cool man, it'll be good to see your truck up and running
  8. austin owner's 85' 2wd hilux discussion

    That blue wellside hilux is pretty keen to sell his, lowball him?
  9. High_lux's 76 crown wagon - discussion

    Yes yes yes! Love these wagons! Well done
  10. OldNathans 1977 MX31 Grande Coupe discussion

    You should check out the suspension! Very effective and works brilliant
  11. Z18et1200coupes 1975 Toyota Crown.

    Yeah bro that looks the business! Absolutely love it
  12. Z18et1200coupes 1975 Toyota Crown.

    External regulator is hiding, auto sparky had a job of locating it to, I'll ask him tomorrow where he found it. Those wheels look choice to
  13. Z18et1200coupes 1975 Toyota Crown.

  14. Z18et1200coupes 1975 Toyota Crown.

    Oh lordy! I love this car
  15. Levis cresta round 2

    man your not far off from finishing it! You just have to imagine how sick it will be to drive once its all done, sure to put a smile on your dial! I'm just dreaming at the moment but I'm pretty keen to chuck a 1uz into mine, but my 1geu is still puttering along fine lol, gutless as.
  16. Levis cresta round 2

    Yeeeeeeeeaa very happy your back into this, and 15s were a smidge big, will look boss on 14s,looking forward to next update
  17. Oldmatedans B310 Datsun

    No need. Sick as is. Nice wheels and black stripes
  18. Oldmatedans B310 Datsun

    Man your cars looking sick bro, Pity nathans car is bringing it down
  19. OldNathans MX41 Mark II Grande talkie talkie

    Roadie in August boys
  20. Seedy Al's Brown Crown Non-Wag

    Snap! Ha