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  1. Completely understand how you feel bout this I’m the same with mine mines rough though and diesel and slow as hell should prolly do a build thread for it
  2. Oh rad just found this thread here's my one Awesome little bikes just easy to work on and versatile Good buy mate
  3. Man my mum had one the same as this Hers was mat blue Sold it for 600 bucks back in bout 2001 Sorry for sharn as u were Please slam an blown bbc
  4. Sorry it took me so long for the penny to drop was nice to meet you!! Blown away you work across the street from me too! Should totally bring your starlet to work sometime
  5. Oh thanks mate! Wheels are 14x7 and 14x8 0 offset tyres are just 195/45/14 I reckon it could do with a spacer on the front it would fill the guard out spot on then
  6. Couple pics of the powerhouse,amazing reliability really goes hard for what it is? Filled the sump right up with fuel the other day,going to pull the carbs down and rekit think the front float must be sticking open sometimes Changed the oil and filter let it run on the hoist got up to temp then repeat Shifted leads 1 to 4 round sending compression up through the carbs Worked a treat! Must of had a blocked jet somewhere idles way smoother starts a bit better and for now floats not wide open Still try to sort some carb kits just not as urgently as I first thought
  7. Interior pics as requested Ain't no Minter that's for sure
  8. Got a few things to suss now Been saving up for a t50, door hinges also Have an accelerator pedal now also have the fittings for a proper choke cable setup Would really like some coilovers and new bushes balljoints etc see how it goes Good things take time Mainland cheese for example
  9. Made it to Hampton downs and back for toyotafestival even had a good hoon round the track Wasent quite smooth sailing got hot on the Napier taupo rd couple of times Developed a dirty miss under load didn't get to suss out another lead set till on the way home cheers Huntly repco!! Was an awesome journey with the boy's got to have a yarn with a number of people who blew me away with there positive comments and admiration Really was an eye opener as to how few there are on the road now days
  10. Give yourself a pat on the back man Looks awesome love the look of these slammed and jap wheels
  11. Good, deff going to weld mine up then! I won't get anywhere near 9000 old 3l likes cruising
  12. Haha yeah nar mate she's all for reals I've been keeping an eye on your thread too mate gotta say I'm pretty excited to see your beast going!!!
  13. Very small next to the mk2
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