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  1. Good, deff going to weld mine up then! I won't get anywhere near 9000 old 3l likes cruising
  2. Haha yeah nar mate she's all for reals I've been keeping an eye on your thread too mate gotta say I'm pretty excited to see your beast going!!!
  3. Very small next to the mk2
  4. I'll get some pics of the inside tomorrow Haha it's not pretty though
  5. Haha nah sorry mate Just an average joe
  6. Forgot to take pics of the rhs sill going in Lot of work in the finishing bits,getting all lights going setting headlamps on beam setter Getting interior trim in Getting the ride height rite and longchamps on for good Had the boys @JBlades and @OldNathan pushing me along to get her woffed and reged In time to cruise up together to toyota festival Still haven't finished the lower front piece of lhs rear quarter Was a pleasant surprise to get re go $28 for 6 months Did finally finish 1 week before toyota fest so had time to do some ks to iron out any teething problems
  7. Managed to find another rhf park light from Australia Also new headlight bracketry and an st grille badge thanks to @sleeektoy Took a fair bit of persuasion to align front bumper and indicator brackets Then reassembled front Looks far better than the stacked up state it was in before
  8. Awesome cheers for that Cool build Makes me want to chop mine up
  9. Hey man what's up with youre front diff have you turned it over? Noticed your pinion is at the top and the draglink/knuckles are higher also What's it drive like with the front diff welded Was gonna do that to mine It's my daily but should be ok shouldn't it I don't drive in 4wd on the road
  10. I want to see all the pics Am I doing something wrong?? Just want to see the pics
  11. Haha thanks man If I do ever paint it yeah I'd keep this color I can't see me painting it soon it's ratty and to be fair perfect how it is Every panel has defects and sort of its own story to tell A lot of people don't like how rough it is its funny driving it up town people yell "it'll look cool when it's finished " I chortle and don't tell them that it pretty much is finished
  12. Haha finish for the nite with a cheeky pic of the Mazda in the background Had to get rid of it the other week Too many cars not enough shed Had enough of rust and welding now...... till next time
  13. Big gap to fill Figure will be way stronger than stock because thicker steel and double the amount of spots in there The accelerator mounts right here so don't blame it for rusting to hell rite here