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  1. Flown over through EMS.
  2. Yeah quite over the moon with the whole process. Can't recommend Jesse Streeter enough tbh
  3. All up was about $200. Overnight shipping. Couldn’t believe how fast it was. And. Got a WOF. She’s finally legal! Here’s some palms
  4. forever posting boring updates till it's legal Managed to get a new bumper shipped over from Osaka via Jesse Streeter. Can't believe how easy + cheap + fast it was. Here's some old vs new pics As you can see, old one was well beyond cooked
  5. Got the bumper off, now i need a new bumper bar thing. if anyone can help out, that'd be fuggin swell. Open to any bumper bars, so long as it's 1600mm wide and can be chopped to fit. Picture for reference
  6. So went to Caffeine and Classics the other weekend, got hyped up/cocky and thought fuck it, I'll take it to VTNZ. Took it to a gas station for the first time.. Pretty sweet feeling Surprisingly didn't fail too hard at VTNZ. Old VTNZ barry was pining over it and yarned to me for a solid 10-er after the 45min, 4 man VTNZ bukkake. Got yelled at by the other barry for "not having a rego for the past 5 years", to my response "yeah that's why i'm here mate". Turns out the front end is a bit shot. Can't say i ever bothered to check - ha. Good to know WOF man. Can't get the b
  7. I'll flick you a message!
  8. Incoming boring post but i like updating this thread anyway Forever grinding and cleaning shit that's rusted.. Perks of a car being parked in weather/under a wet tree for 4 years ha. Managed to source some old/new to me clamps for this bastard. And grind back/clean up the manifold guard. Chucked a cheeky silver coat on it for freshness.
  9. Mostly my own ignorance.. But I'd been working on the car in darkness for the past however long. Finally got a minute to look at it in daylight, turns out one of the lines running from the throttle body was completely blocked to all fuckery and back. Cleared that out, and after a fair few neighbourhood thrashings, she's idling at a comfy 850-1k. Handles better than expected
  10. Yeah so I thought I'd put it all back together again after a minor teardown, then ship it off to some poor bastard to have a whack at. And now it runs. Not complaining. Took it for a blat. Now I just need the rust sorted out and WOF time. A little late for WAGNats but ah well. And some low.
  11. I've run out of ideas and just wanna throw my wagon at someone to get running. I'm based in central auckland - who's a worthwhile mechanic? Ideally ponsonby/grey lynn/mt eden/central/etc 1JZ wont idle for the life of me, and I think it must be electrical by this point.
  12. two steps forward, one step back or something. took the bonnet trim off to clean out the shit behind it - which turned out quite well. Only to end up snapping the trim while cleaning it. Muck metal. If anyone has the bonnet trim lying around, please get in touch..
  13. It runs! Still no idle. Done a whole bunch of shit in the meantime - pulled off the horrible pinstripes, stripped the engine bay out for a cleanup. The whole thing's just covered in unlimited shit. It is quite satisfying though. Ripped out the culprit ISCV to find it's jammed erect. great. If anyone's got a spare (non VVTI) 1JZGE ISCV laying around, let me know. Not sure how to get it to loosen up.. pic for those playing at home:
  14. shit question: should a 1JZ IACV be able to be pressed off/on by hand? i feel like mine's jammed but googles being shit
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