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  1. Not really just don't have a picture of mine yet. Both these photos are different style to what mine will look like when done. And as of running gear I think it's time for you to do a little reading figure out how it works. Engine behind diff just like the other air cooled volkswagens
  2. Also another set on another mates buss I still have my randar knock off rims also.
  3. Who even are you. 5x200 is the only way of life. We got a set of these for the buss
  4. Let me remind you of my previous experiences with air cooled engines This is just an expensive cup holder now. Caved @Mrs 64valiant last night and brought some rims for the kombi. Will pick them up this weekend.
  5. I've been talking to Paul from vdub shoppe and he sells heaps of adapter kits for off roaders to suit ej20 for around the 1500 mark. If they can handle in an off roader I think this might be my best option for the van. It's never going to be a high hp van just a holiday home with better power and economy/reliability put into it. What's a Subaru gears set up worth atm.
  6. Also this is what hounds tooth fabric looks like for those who didn't do any googling Also on the hunt for one of these bad bois for the kombi
  7. So @Mrs 64valiant wrote of her golf the other day. So we now need to buy her a new car. Well why not her buy my subaru out back and I just get the kombi done. Can't be that hard right? Got the beetle driving in 21 days hahahahaha So I've been on trade me tonight found out ej20 engines are actually rather bloody cheap. https://trademe.co.nz/1386690002 Don't know which one I linked now but there where even ones for 300 dollars haha. A crap load cheaper than a rotary conversion. @Evan just said pick a part has engines for like 200. Sounds like I might be off to pick apart.....
  8. yea i was kinda posting on the move as i got the chance will do a better de brief latter. and haha il share them later dw @flyingbrick
  9. Made it to chrome yesterday and went for a hoon. The is me heading up the hill at Hampton downs in 2nd changing into 3rd. Car is still running like a bag of balls and really needs a good tune. Need to buy new water pump, thermostat, think I'm going to rear mount the fan so it pulls instead of pushing and think I will be making a few trips to @Rhyscar place to get alloy bent up to make a better radiator induction and the same with a pile cooler will find one and direct the the air into that. Cheers to @flyingbrick for the video and the help yesterday. On other news I only got 3 laps in as 1st lap time out I didn't trust it fully and fuck everyone else was going fast. 2nd time out I had a bit more fun but I could smell it getting hot. Pulled in water exciting my radiator at a high volume. Tis great though.
  10. Been slowly working on this thing getting it ready for chrome. It was a cunt to drive when I did drive it. I figured it was hitting spring plates from when I kinda slapped it together. So I notched them. What a prick. 58 floor pan has different plates from 60s pans. So I couldn't even take them off and cut them and make them look nice. So I done them on. I don't recommend this. I got all safety and put a guard on my grinder for the 1st time ever and the thing spat a fucken dummy and decided it didn't want to cut steel ended up cutting its own cord and almost me. So got my other grinder and didn't put a guard on that to continue cutting it. No problems. While I had it apart I elongated the rear holes to help with the huge toe in these things have when you lower them. Done this on my other bug. Took about 4mm off them maybe 5mm but makes a huge difference. I think the hole spring bottoming out was kinda a good thing cause when I took it off its jacks I instantly thought shit. I think that's a lot lower than before hand...... Went to roll in backwards... Yeah she's lower than before. A nice big scratch in the concrete garage floor from the flexi..... Great. She is a lot lower than before. Well about 20mm lower but enough to burn exhaust marks in grass now. Thank God I've got the air shocks in it, to assist with some height movement.
  11. Report for spam.
  12. @Mrs 64valiant was super excited about this build she even joined oldschool.co.nz. No covering up my tracks now..... Gotta be careful what I say in here haha.
  13. 4 or 6 please
  14. The weird thing is that he had been told a total of what the build would be and had heaps of time to say no don't go ahead on the job. But they went ahead with it and then couple months later they hadn't heard anything back from him and he just became really hard to deal with. They ended up trying to sell it on trade me for 3k and had no luck at all. I said I'd give him 800 dollars they said no they had been offered 1000 for one door........ Vw people are crazy. I then emailed him going at 1500 and settled at 1800. So I don't know what he was upto. He still owes the vdub shop money for the work/sand blasting of the buss. Aiden and I have a funny feeling he lives in Australia now and just gave up on it. Also the side doors are huge. Don't fit in the boot of the wagon. So roof it was.