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  1. 64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    When you become a customer of your customers. Guy booked in his bug to get the very done. He is also the guy who imports and sells a bunch of kombi and volkswagen peaces and happens to have a full front with light buckets on his trailer when he dropped the bug off. What a great start to the week. Mondays aren't always bad.
  2. 64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    no need to be sorry. im about to try get some pictures of inside set ups so i can get some ideas. currently weighing up buying a front of trade me which i know has heaps of holes in it and just weld all the little holes up or buy a full front for a lot more.....
  3. 64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Going to leave this bus here for future me to look at for them sweet graphics
  4. 63Ragtop's 63Ragtop

  5. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    So @mark105 came over this arvo and helped out with a few things. Started with putting new brake hoses in cause old rear one was just going on and locking up. So new one for the back and thought while I was there I better buy ones for the front, all on. Almost ran the system dry trying to swap them out. Bleed the system up and sweet. No more problems with the rear brake hose been a egg. Chucked the tyres back on and put it on the ground. Time to start it. Needed a battery and since I'm not using the beetle atm I stole 1 of its batteries. Dam thats the old one. It's kinda flat also so that didn't help it start at all. Better put the other one in then. Yup bit of start ya bastard down the carb and away..... Running on just start ya bastard but running. Slowly sucking the gas up. Wasn't the best a couple of big flames later and some high revs she's idling away. So a pretty productive arvo in the shed. Drives forward and stops. Will keep an eye out for a mint carb see what pops up. Time to get some steel and start filling some holes in the floor. Will take the seats into town find a good upholstery to trim them. Also found a water leak as I was standing around talking. Will get some new hoses and replace a few of these old crap ones. Also highly don't recommend doing a key banger in the shed with no tail gate on. Ears hummed for a bit.....
  6. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    Ahh the tool of choice to remove the tail gate skin was this. Was rather easy tbh. Going to do brake hoses tonight and bleed them up hopefully.
  7. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    Sitting on the couch at 1030 earlier tonight I thought I should go work on my wagon I'm only sitting here watching lame shit on the net. Into the shed I go. Time to become some what of a panel beater/welder/rust remover Step one. Remove tailgate Step two. Remove plastic window... Had a hidden screw holding it in. Found that and wabam. Step three. Remove mechanism. That was quite easy really. 3 bolts and slid on out. Step four. Remove tail gate skin it self. Step five. Find out what is bog or steel. Step six. Cut existing tags and welded steel from the tail gate and hope like hell you don't wake @Mrs 64valiant up cause it's now midnight and you really want to get the tailgate skin off. (it's pissing down with rain surly it won't wake her up) (I'm dead if I have) Tadaaaaaa. The bottom of the main frame is a bit shaged so I'll go to a mates and fold up a new peace for that and I may get this frame sand blasted while it's apart.
  8. 63Ragtop's 63Ragtop

    Did you get this thing going from your bad day with it the other day?
  9. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    Flat tyre? Or a tyre with to much air in it. Tbh I don't have any idea. I'd be messenger from diff to chassis see if it's in the rear. The hole thing got a sag on from all of the torque it has?
  10. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    ohhh what so your telling me those fresh panel and paint kingswoods in matty b are not as mint as they always say??? trade me has been telling me lies this hole time
  11. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    matty b fuck the world right?
  12. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    i went shopping for things around the house the other day and we are getting some chickens so ill probably have some of this laying around to help me out that and some paper a hot glue gun i think i should be able to sort it out.
  13. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    good enough for me to patch them to get a wof thats for sure. we will see once i hit them with a wire wheel.
  14. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    the skin and brake lines came to 421.36 nz dollars landed here in hamilton. tail gate skin was 185 plus postage which was 100.