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1 hour ago, 63Ragtop said:

one good thing about  the new factory location is it's next door to the strippers.

Paint and Metal Strippers, not the other kind!
So I got my old header pipes out and they cleaned up very nicely.



looks almost the same in the photos but all the old paint, carbon, sealant and flakey rust be gone!
saved a load of time trying to sand a bunch of snakes.

still sanding, hopefully for the last time!

Should get your exhaust ceramic coating for last longer and help heat reduction too.

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Cheers KK, looking forward to assembly and that first drive!

The quietest bug I've ever been in was a friends original little old lady 65' so I know it's possible!

My car was always deafening, having had all the factory deadening and headliner removed before I got it so yeah, keen as to dynamat the fuck outta it!

Would do the inside cabin side, firewall, doors etc... not the engine bay or frunk mostly coz it looks shit, I had stuck some behind the rear seat and had two layers of carpet and a rear parcel tray, that made alot of difference.


a headliner would be nice too, (got any tartan left over greg??) 

wonder if you can get Quickroof or something similar in NZ? looks exactly the same and those name brand auto insulation stuff.

AE86NZ, will just be Rattle can HI temp Matt Black for the zorst, shits pretty old and pitted now, it's just a cheap Bugpack system, will need to replace the muffler at some point, that will help with the noise also, neighbour down the road use to know it was time to get up when I left for work, the thing was so fucking loud!


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carpet underlay is the best per dollar. i use it everywhere. and you can just use the off cuts where ever they fit.

dyna matt is soooooo spendy but does do its trick mongoos is also a cheap branded stuff.

for your roof id just use underlay. oh i can even sell you some if you want and hand deliver it cause i wona come say hello and check out your dub


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Exist? I hope so! Truth is(and don't tell the Mrs this!) this car will never really be finished, I'm aiming to get it on the road as fast as possible and will be daily driving it for work, but am really looking forward to tinkering/fine tuning/development- more power, disc brakes, lowerer, /\/\sound deadening, doofdoof sounds, bucket seats, really keen on getting it to handle as well as a 50 year old bug can, look awesome and be fun to drive.

and attending every fucking event I can in it!

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thanks man, grinding crappy welds is something I know heaps about!

I hope you realise this paint bollocks is all your fault azzurro, I remember briefly chatting to you at kumue a couple years back about paint. you were all "or just do it yourself, then you can say you did it all" those few words have been a blessing and a cruse at times, but I did it,  it's alot of work but I did it!



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  • 2 weeks later...

tiz the fastest colour.

cheers rich, hoping to have it running soon.


job list-

bolt body down.
paint and install new steering box.
install and connect steering column and wheel
Finish wiring, install 2speed wiper switch, find wire connectors for rear lights.
also install front indicators in headlights, wire up headlights
make wiring work! find grounds?
paint and install gas tank.
plumb soft fuel lines.
install windows and rubbers and door glass mechs.
fit stainless hinge screws.
run door light wiring and install rubbers and switches.
acquire and install interior light.- anyone have a nice old 2nd hand one??
guess I'll need some seats?
spray interior panels black and install
install seat belts.
install gear shifter.
clean up ragtop mech and install.
acquire new ragtop cover.
clean, paint and install rear view mirror and sun visors.
clean up and install running boards.
polish and install chrome side trim and witches hats.
and bonnet trim and badge.
install bumpers.
install rear engine bay seal.
find four more wheel nuts to replace the lock nuts I lost the key to.
and then there's the engine...


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Cheers boys!

I've had the 2speed motor for ages,  since I converted to 12 volt,  but never got around to fitting a switch. 

Keen to give those new tunnels a good reaming out!!!

My exhaust has no baffles left. Need a stinger for maximum fart lolz and car alarm  setting off.


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