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@63Ragtop Do you know/have you bothered working out what MPG or L/100KM or quarts per acre you get out of that engine ? 

We're going on our hols (prolly about 700 miles) and I'm wondering if I should stick with the 1200 at a slow 40 mpg or put the 1641 in for jolly japes, skidz and many fuel stops.

Thank you from Shuzzy, aged 51.

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On 22/01/2020 at 10:19, 63Ragtop said:

Am going to attempt to install an interior plus some kind of noise insulation so I can hear myself think, Jesus Christ its loud in there! Also fancy new reel up seatbelts and see if I can get the ragtop to actually work.

does your bug have the foam blocking the engine noise from going up the pillars and into the cab?

like above the carbs on this bug?


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On 22/01/2020 at 20:48, CarolsHusband said:

Oh, ok, that's good too.

They are bloody noisy, are they any better with stock exhausts and interiors ?

I have been in a stock as a rock old lady car years ago, was much quieter. Could have a conversation at highway speeds, very hard in mine, keeps the kids quiet!

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Yeah they rub on the edge of the body mount as well, always have. Fine once tyre has self clearanced. Just shaves the lettering off. Old drums did many miles with no problem for good old German steel.

Edit: you probley right, shoulda bought 195s instead of the 205s.

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