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Nope, still seem to be having ignition problems.
Super frustrating as it was running and driving, warmed it up to change the oil and it's not been right since. Best I've got it to run it was only running on 3 and 4, 1 and 2 side felt cold still, or it wouldn't fire at all.
Went and got another set of spark plugs and a "big mother"of a battery.
Have had the carbs out and pulled apart twice, the accelerator pump jet on number one was blocked so that fixed that problem, also adjusted the float levels to spec, 5-6mm closed, 12-14mm open, i think it was.
started playing with the timing and got it to fire and run for a short time, but just as it was warming up it fell down to two cylinders and wouldn't start again.
have tried replacing the electronic points replacement module with the old points and condenser.
have tried other HT and spark plug leads.
got to the point last week that the new started now sounds like a chainsaw and the battery went flat again.
swapped the starter out last night for a old Bosch brazil 12volter and had the battery on charge all night and most of today.
Got another good distributor cap and rotor off Frank yesterday, got home from work tonight and got everything together, but had reinstalled the old leads.
the bugger started and sounded the best it had ever had, tightened the dizzy down, bumped up the idle stop had it idling pretty bloody well, got brave enough to try to drive it down to Darrell's house 50 mtrs away to check the alt is charging the battery and when i started it up after about the third attempt it was back to two cylinders, farting and hicupin and now it wont start again'.
Have been trolling thesamba and found a page with a guy having the exact same issue's, he ended up buying new everything which didn't solve the problem until he moved some wires about, thinking about it now, I've routed my leads though the middle of the manifolds under the carbs because its tidy and looks neat, could this be causing problems? the leads are old after sitting in my shed for nearly ten years but not 40 years old or anything.
Anyone have any other ideas as to why it would run fine cold but soon splutter out?


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I have no idea if it is your issue as it was on a different vehicle but I have had old coils and leads start to break down as they warmed up from the engine. Maybe get some new leads, warm it up then when you encounter the problem, swaps the new leads on to it and see what happens.

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Right! Darrell had a big old coil from before he switched to MSD, we tried starting it again this evening, started but ran like crap, hooked up the big boy and varoommmm! :D :D 
now I need to find another one of these small Bosch GT40 transformer coils, as a cylinder style won't fit where I've mounted mine :? 
at least I know what the problem is, has been drivin me nuts!!

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