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    I have been looking around for a while for a new work truck, wanted to go old school and update it to modern running gear and some creature comforts. I didnt have much of an idea but liked the look of older Chev trucks, did some reading and looking and got to this point. Truck will be in the country mid April, it is currently running a 327 and manual gearbox, and pretty much stock apart from that. Plan is to get it complied with existing running gear then modernise a wee bit. I have an LS3 and 6L80 trans and all associated wires and mechanical stuff in my warehouse now (cart before horse) and maybe a front end suspension transplant from a later truck and a diff with a lower ratio. this one will be either a 4.11 or 4.56 ish I believe, so a bit on the highside. While the intention wasn't to start/have another project, Im quite fizzed up about it. Going to keep it stock looking, no fancy wheels or any of that crap. Will get some hand painted signage on it, I want it to look like it was always there.
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    Got the tray and cab back on. Plenty of room for the exhaust to go out between the chassis rails and guards. The cab was sitting slightly on the driveshaft hoop, so cut a hole and made a patch. Then cut a big hole in the floor!
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    I was waiting for the long weekend to cross some bigger jobs off the list and managed to! - Put good dash pad in - Cleaned and painted instrument cluster - Cleaned and rust killed floors and etch painted, sealed up screw holes and seams, rubber bungs in - Cleaned and painted glovebox hinge panel (left as much as I could of the factory sticker with key info and tyre pressure/fuel chart) - Made covers for the rear wheel arches, lower B pillars and exposed parts of the floor the carpet does not cover with some patterned plastic sheet - Painted dash top and the area under the rear screen which are visible. - New carpets - Vinyl died seats. Don't know how long it will last but we will see. The cans sprayed too narrow so I emptied them into spray gun and got a great even application. - Put stereo in properly - Epoxy glued splits in the centre console - Factory accelator pedal back on Still need to make a shifter boot and pick up another demister vent from a mate.
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    had a busy week and weekend, got the first couple coats of red on the car.did the bottom and the inside and dash area,pretty pleased with it, did one coat on saturday, missed a couple spots, worst thing that happened was sweat running out of my glove on the wet paint, bugger it! gave it a wipe with thinners and it came really nice on the second coat today. Got a few small runs but stoked with it. not bad for a rookie!
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    Hanmer Springs Meet The dates for this event have now been locked in. Dates: 25, 26 & 27th August 2017 Cost: around $100
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    Chassis end panhard mount. Yep the drag link goes through the middle of the bracket Ive given up on the whole offroad thing. going stance spec still got about 3" of droop and 2" up to go. need a forklift. likely have to go softer on the front springs, will see what happens once all the junk on the tray goes back in the engine bay
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    So 2 weeks before moving to the US this happens! Guy in OZ is rebuilding a T57 and needed a new block. So got to and cast one up! Didnt go 100% but still really well. On a plane to LA in 3days!
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    I've been floating around this site for a while, figured now's a good time to start a build thread since I picked up a new project. Its actually for the misses But I've fallin' for it too. We initially bought a Nash Metropolitan, we basically stored it for a few years doing a few minor things getting it running and driving but at the end of the day it was a can of worms I just wasn't motivated to get into. So we picked up a 63 Corvair Monza coupe off trade me and sold the Nash within an hour of each other... Perfect! The Corvair's a reasonably fresh import, its pretty tidy with a bit of rust on the front floors and thats it. It was running a bit rough but came with brand new carbs so chucked them on and gave it a tune. Found an exhaust valve tappet was a little tight, loosened that off and it started running perfectly. Any way here's some pics... Excuse the Trade Me interior pics. I don't have any good ones of my own yet haha Discuss here, Cheers!
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    Done the floor patch, just need to do the bit up the side and then there's a few little patches of rust, where the top of the guards bolt to the cab on both sides and a pin hole in the rear cab corner. That'll hopefully be all the rust in the cab done, then I can start on the transmission tunnel.
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    Been crazy busy at work so not a great deal of progress being made, but been hitting the chrome and stainless with metal polish and jamming it back on the car bit by bit. Also got my grill back from Bumper Replacements in Auckland. Really nice job and had a fair bit of rust on it before so the difference is just massive.
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    and here is some more racing photos Queenstown sprint 1987 Queenstown sprint 1987 Queenstown sprint 1986 Dunedin street race 1984
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    Day 4 & 5 The long Drive Home Passing though the Mrs hometown. Stopped off at the FILs place in the 'Ding for the night on the way back. The Mrs put her name on the next project, its been in the FILs shed for 20 years, runs the engine with 4 on the floor and buckets from the Torana her brother rolled when he was 16 . Jim Currie Reserve just out of Tokoroa (reccomended!) Waikato River south of Huntly
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    Here it is Check out April's issue of New Zealand Autocar Found my copy Big shout out to "Snoozin" Richard Opie for arranging this , the great photos and the fantastic write up !
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    Well, at last I have a large grey pontiac in my garage. Still a couple things to paint like the skirts and the detail on the 'waterfall' trim that goes over the hood and trunk. Grill has been rechromed and will do the front bumper too plus a few randoms like indicators and tail lights, rear bumper is still pretty good. Have a bit of a list of stuff to do, now at that stage where I have to decide if I just want to get back on the road asap or drag it out doing more stuff. I'd like to do as much Dynamat as I can afford, at the very least in the doors/rear quarters. I had a felt kit and new rubbers for the front quarter windows to go in but this didn't happen when it was apart as I 'd hoped it might. Might be the time to pull doors apart and do this, and rechrome the quarter window frames as they're a bit rusty. Hmmm. Anyway, here's a couple of random pics. Since I have such a list of things to do it seemed logical to put the venetians in for a test fit! Priorities... Not 100% sure on them, think they'll work when more chrome is back on car. Currently look like too much of a feature. http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53947-shifters-51-pontiac-chieftain-talky-stuff/
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    Ok I lied. A few more photos. Rear T57 spring mounts. You can see them in this photo
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    Yikes, over a year since I've done anything on this! That's mostly because I have *no* garage which is a very sad state of affairs. Well, I have just done a little something, and I'm quite happy with it thanks. And also, working outside in the sunshine is actually awesome. I've never loved the factory rear drum brakes; I could never adjust them properly so the handbrake would work, but not drag. So I decided to do something about and do it for basically nothing. I was given some EL Falcon single-piston callipers, rotors and backing plates years ago. The backing plates were drilled out to the 240z bolt pattern, but I still had the rotors to drill. I didn't want to drive all around the place looking for a friendly engineer so I decided to do something really stupid... which worked surprisingly well. I cad'd up a template with the Ford and Datsun stud pattern, taped it to the rotor, centre punched and drilled. Came out radical. Started bolting everything up. The EL Falcon backing plate & rotor work perfectly with the backspacing from the 240z hub face, so the calliper simply bolts to the Falcon backing plate as normal. Then I pinched some longer flexible brake lines from Pick-a-part and made a bracket for the line. Neat! The handbrake bracket required some fiddle to bring it closer to the drum lever. Piece of piss man.
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    Been sharing these around a bit. Looking forward to a drive in the sun and a spin of the back wheels.
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    gasser Its way less finished than it looks
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    You can't just say "build space stuff" then bugger off. SPACE STUFF!!
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    This will probably be my last interesting post for a while. Will be moving to California in a month to build space stuff. Visa came through today after months of paperwork!So good! So making parts will slow down, but hopefully CAD work will speed up! Anyway, these are spring hangers and a trunion hanger CNCd from 4140. Having a mill in your shed is key to building shiny stuff!
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    failed hard, cant get bolts out of cross bar. yeh the towers look ugly from the top, but wont see them once done v2
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    Moral of the story is don't leave your freshly paneled and painted old car on the lawn for a decade.
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    So this happened: Long story short, I took it for a WOF, and it failed on excessive steering play, which turned out to be a worn bush (which is better than a fucked rack or tierod end, I suppose). While it was in the workshop we noticed a weird squealing/chuffing noise from one of the belts, so I got Karl to inspect further. What he found next will shock you! Nah not really. But he did discover that the cambelt was really old and perished, and chunks were flaking off it - and the waterpump seals have started weeping - even though it had been changed at 90,000km (less than 20,000km ago). We're guessing that it was done maybe 10 years ago and the car simply hasn't been driven a lot in Japan, then I got hold of it and drove to Nats 2016 and around the country like a lunatic. Ha! So with that in mind, out the hole it goes for another new cambelt, tensioner, seals, waterpump, belts, blah blah blah. I'm slightly disappointed that I haven't even had a chance to stockpile more upgrade parts yet, because I was so confident that it wouldn't need any serious work done for another 50-60,000km and I had ages to collect more shit for it. At least I will now be able to fit the shiny extractors I bought a while back, but it would have been nice to throw in an upgraded supercharger pulley, LSD box, and rear swaybar at the same time. Discuss: http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49412-80s-kid-part-ii-eds-aw11-sc-chit-chat/
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    With some help from good mates, the 13b bridgie is now sitting where it should sit. I had the oil pick up extended by SDP (Stephen Dean Performance) and then 3 Bonded the sump and baffle plate on. SDP will be coming to measure the mani angle this week and then will get into fabbing that as well as making risers for my quad throttle body intake. I’m happy - aiming for Chrome in August for a non-road legal hoon…….
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    wheels from Japan ssr super stars 14x6.5
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    That's the finished product for one of the seats. Defanatly not as easy as I thought. I appreciate the work of pro upholsters. For a first attempt, I think it turned out alright, better then they were before, I think anyway. There's a few loose bits that need to be stretched out, but not sure how to do it without taking the cover back off and glueing it down.
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    Spent some time on the weekend with the help of @kempy with good results. Some of the stuff I remember: Changed one-way valves on injector pump, cleaned points, bled injectors, replaced injector, adjusted fuel regulator to 110psi pressure, cleared return line, adjusted overfuel lever, replaced 6 (yes 6) totally dead spark plugs, re-timed and marked ignition, swapped distributors, lost all the hair on my arms and temporary hearing whilst fireball from backfire on intake gave @Geophy and @Threeonthetree a good laugh (possibly due to me holding a can of engine start that was also on fire) and then started car. Next steps - sounds like slight miss on one cylinder but no cooling system plumbed in, so, reinstall radiator, tweak, and do skids / road test / fix all the other stuff I find broke. Finally making progress = win.
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    A little progress... Met with @dave a while back and bought 2 more 13x7 Cragar's from him. Thanks man. Gave them a good clean, the rims came up pretty good but the centres are pretty corroded. The centres were painted silver, who ever painted them sanded the chrome so they're pretty dull. Overall condition isn't to bad. Still on the lookout for a cleaner pair... Stoked I have a set now though! Did a quick test fit. I was a little worried they'd be too wide and poke out but turns out they're sweet. Still need to get the proper tyres I want to run but gives you an idea... Discuss here, Cheers!
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    mounts all on the diff for good. cant paint over the chrome..
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    Six months of wof all used up. Had a good four months use out of it. Had next to zero issues in that time. I had to swap out fuel filter when it starting running like a bag of dicks after getting fuel in Hahei and had some tyres fitted in Auckland after the tread disappeared. That's it! According to the speedo I've put 6000kms on it in that time (I'd say it's closer to 5000 though). I took it to Leadfoot and then to Rotary Reunion in February. At some stage soon I'll put some new shocks in the front and lose some height. I've got some clips sitting in Sydney to put the sill trims on and yeah I'm fairly happy with it currently. Pics Courtesy of Snoozin Courtesy of MichaelJFox And a pic of the daily cos it's too new and boring for a thread. JZX110W with a 1JZ-faeces, 18x9/10 work emotions and BC BR series adjustable coilovers.
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    Just a small update. Been putting the car back together. Gave all the windows a good clean, got them looking crystal clear. They did have tints on them but they were quite rough, so decided to pull them off and clean up the glass. Also been doing more upholstery, almost completed the seats, but ran out of material and thread. I tried covering the dash in vinyl but gave up. Iv glued up the cracks and put a textured finish on it, and then painted it, its come up good.
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    So I did something dumb, I bought another Zephyr. I bought a VL churbo wagon that turned out to be a turd so I flicked it after a few weeks and was looking for a tidy 5L VL and then this turned up on the tard. I had a couple of goes at organising to have a look at and got mucked around so I gave up and forgot about it. Came back from a holiday with no reception and discovered that the seller had dropped the asking price significantly. Finally managed to have a look at it and ended up buying it. Its running a 302 Windsor with a C4 and an 8" diff. Modified in 1992 and on declaration form not cert. I've had it for nearly two months now and so far I've had the left hand rear sill section replaced, made and installed a speedo cable, recored the heater, replaced the brake booster, rebuilt the carby and reset the massively retarded timing as well as a bunch of other fiddly little things. Doesn't sound like that much when I write it down but everything's been one step forward and two steps back so far, if I'd had any idea how much I was going to have to do to it I never would have bought it but them's the breaks I guess. I haven't taken many photos so far as it's gotten to the stage where I just want to get the thing going but I think I'm on the home stretch now, have new springs to go in it this weekend and then touchwood I'll be able to take it for a decent drive and take a few photos.
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    Seriously? There be some big hills on the way down. I'd definitely be wanting some brakes.
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    Longest exhaust build ever! What a stupid idea it was to design it like this haha. So far has 5 pairs of flanges on each side if you include the ones at the end of the headers. Will have another pair after the diff as well. Got some flexi's and welded them in, as well as the rest of it. Need to put the tray back on now and see where the rest of the exhaust can run out the back. Made some mounts, after making them incorrectly to start with. Had the rubber hanging under tension where-as it should be compressing, otherwise it would most likely tear the rubber in half. Also made some gussets for the 4 link brackets since they didn't quite look strong enough. Might make some to tie in the other side as well. Need to make a start on the fuel tank soon. Any recommendations on an in-tank fuel pump to use? Don't really know much about them, 255LPH should be enough? Tank will be about 220mm deep if that matters.
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    Some parts arrived from America on Thursday. Floor patch panels, a few small bits and also 2 13x7 reverse 4 spoke Cragar's. I wasn't sure how good the rims would be but turns out they're nice! With these rims I can test fit them all round. I'm certain they'll fit on the back with the IRS but the front I'm not sure about. I'll sort that this weekend then know what I'll need to complete the set. Happy as! Discuss here, Cheers!
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    Snoozin hooking me up with a sweet photo shoot for NZ Autocar magazine on both my escorts Working his magic as the sun goes down Some rolling shots to finish the shoot Thanks Richie for the opportunity , great fun
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    Manged to squeeze in a panhard rod today. may need a few tweaks, but should work. Will leave it half finished till get the coilovers mounted, to make sure everything works together bit hectic under there, yep.
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    Finished! Bit of machining porn for you!
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    Last repair to do on the passenger side was the rear section, behind the wheels. The bog here was over 15mm thick in places. Fucken rough. As it goes with chasing rust, this ^^ soon turned into this. The outer and inner skins were rooted where the dirt and shit had been sitting for years. New inner skin was sused. Then the outer was made, including around the back behind the bumper. And before it was hit with the rattle can. Short story, the passenger floor annoyed me so I replace the entire lower half of the van. Tomorrow I'll put it back together and drive it for a week before I replace the drivers rear wheel arch section. When is enough, enough?
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    One complete box ready for action. Body work will start again in a couple of weeks so looking forward to finally getting progress
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    tell ya, its been nice having this back on the ground, its been some time. Would seem on the test drive most of the stuff I went to sort out with the gearbox is all takin care of, shifts good, no clutch shudder etc Super nice having the dash all back together too. Given long weekend it seemed like the best opportunity to get this into work and on a hoist. Main goal was just to complete the exhaust, which after a few convos with my work mates, convinced me going under diff would be the best option as A) easy. B ) actually fuck all of fuck all room on top of the diff Personally I hate under diff exhaust, but I will let it fly on this one, as I truely am not sure I could have made an over diff work. SO yeah, besides a few simple things, which off the top of my head is put a second set of nuts on top of the front struts, then this should be cert ready. I know it will need a wheel alignment for the cert, but going to leave this till i know everything is good under there. So, current plan is call up tomorrow and book it in, probably for next week, think he is usally over this way on a Thrusday, so a week and a few days. Anyway, none exciting pics IMG_5549 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr IMG_5587 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr IMG_5586 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr IMG_5588 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr
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    So some have asked to see pics of some of my other cars. You've probably seen 1 or 2 of them around no doubt. I've had the 46 Chevy Fleetmaster for the last 14 years or so. Its an ever evolving project. Love this thing. Recently converted to 5 stud using 55 hubs for the front and changing out the dif to a Nova dif. Doing this I converted it to open drive using a converter on the end of the original gearbox. Now its geared up to cruise a lot nicer on the open road. It still runs the original 216 dipper, never misses a beat: Then my 78 Camaro. This build has been a real eye opener haha: And the most recent other than the Corvair is the 77 Thunderbird Town Landau. Its fully specd with, from what I can gather, every factory option it can have, down to the fake luggage straps. We picked this up in Wanaka and did an epic roadtrip back to Hamilton. Loved it. The cars real tidy with 49k OG miles on the clock, been in the country since 81. Slowly putting my touch on it: Those are the current cars I have. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a lot of money haha I've put a lot of time into these and a lot of help from friends and family. Also my crazy obsession doesn't help. Sometimes its a curse haha
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    I had plans to get the Niva ready months ago, but work had different plans, I finally dropped the engine off to have all the vitals tickled, while its not going to be a 'performance' build, it will be a darn sight better than previous, i'm hoping to at least have compression back! With Otago rally on this weekend, I was hoping to use the drive there and back to run the engine in, sadly the weather has been absolutely terrible and in my crampt shed with not enough light, achievement has been low. Utilising the parts cleaner obtained off Bart, I've sparkled up the underside bits, ultimately, only the wof man will ever see it... Threw on a lick of speed enhancing red Multifunction 2105 workbench: Forgot how much I enjoy assembling engines, checking, cleaning measuring and torquing, no pics cos its dark, but the block is back together and awaiting a break in the clouds to lift it all into place I've also sealed up a 5 speed box I rebuilt ages ago, 4 just wasn't enough! Sitting out the rain I got onto the computer and drew up a head gasket, my sources have all dried up on standard thicknesses so i'll run a thick one until I get one waterjet cut from copper to give a hoon, hopefully it works......
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    Got the seats all pulled apart. Marked all the peices so I don't get lost and have un stiched all the pieces. Iv ordered some black vinyl material. And some piping cord. Also bought a industrial sewing machine for $50.
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    Leadfoot Time - Part 2 Sunday Sideways Here's Leadfoot from behind the wheel Caught up with Tanner in the pits who was super friendly just like everyone else I had talked to over the weekend. Top Bloke Times are in and here's mine for the weekend Prize Giving time Cheers Rod , Shelly and the Leadfoot crew for a very memorable weekend One very happy Father , Son Duo
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