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Welder buying spam


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Yeah, older model, is this shape


Glad I have it working again, has been so nice to use.

All the literature talks about the batteries being non-serviceable and you have to buy the screen unit as a whole to rectify but once I pulled the batteries out they were just regular Panasonic alkaline button cells, the only thing making them non serviceable was that they had soldered the batteries to the board. My fix looks a bit B is for Build but it saves me $400 :-)

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On 06/06/2018 at 21:05, Get it done said:

This is the actual machine , is currently setup for alloy.

Ill have to work out a price and sort through all the extras i have for it  , bloody typical havnt used it in nearly a year and go to sell it and now need for a job .

Will be repairing some big alloy trench sheilding


Do you still have this?

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I have the 200a version of that Weldtech machine, and so far it's been really nice to use. Much finer control than the old 200a Xcelarc machine I had, and so much more compact being an inverter. Certainly much easier to find the sweet spot for tacking thin sheet metal than the old machine for sure!

The main flaw I've found so far - main power cord is SHORT. Not much over a metre long, and given most garages are gonna be at least 5 metres wide it's quite limiting if your hot points are spread out. The supplied torch is also only 3 metres, so I've had to shift my 15a hot points a few times to be able to work on the car.

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7 minutes ago, Raizer said:

Is 180amp too low for you?



I'm going to be grabbing myself one next time they have a promo on it (last time they came with a free auto helmet, trolley, wire and other parts.)


180 will probably be fine. 

Just trying to get biggest/best speck for my budget.

The BOC stuff does look like a good option, as far as being a known brand?

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