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  1. Need to experience this thing to fully believe it. Only down side so far, is it has the turning circle of a container ship and is shit house at snatching a Safari bogged to the door handles.
  2. niswhale

    diesel spam

    The Auber gauges are sweet. Got one for oil pressure and one for egt. Can set a maximum or minimum alarm, they also come in 24v.
  3. Is half the weight of a Safari, so seems only fair that it has half the power/my guess is 49KW
  4. 180 will probably be fine. Just trying to get biggest/best speck for my budget. The BOC stuff does look like a good option, as far as being a known brand?
  5. Been looking at one of these, https://www.arcweld.co.nz/itemdetails/Hugong-Carimig-200Wd-Welder---Euro-Connect/3419.aspx Duty cycle looks good, also 3 year warranty. Anyone had any experience with this brand?
  6. Permission to start the slow golf clap @kpr
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