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AMR300 and AMR500 talk


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22 hours ago, BobbyBreeze said:

Rename thread to supercharger thread so I can post my awesome/junk DC3 cabin blower plz. 

It could be a thing. Would need to be a 2 lobe blower on a 4cyl running 1:1. I suspect no one has ever bothered as most blower development has been on v8's and 2 lobes are obsolete. 

p.s. @RUNAMUCK you want the pulse to arrive at the end of the intake valve event, not the start. Trapping 140% boost at end of the intake event would certainly be helpful. 



Hey I run a two lobe on a 4cyl haha

16 hours ago, Carsnz123 said:

On a carb setup the release valve if for the case of a backfire so the 1L plenum of fuel charge doesn't turn into a grenade or damage the supercharger with a massive back pressure. I've seen a video of a type 35 Bugatti being given a good squirt at night. There was fire spitting out the exhaust and out the hole in the bonnet which the release valve pokes through. The Delage GP car that was out at the Skope classic apparently has hydrauliced on an occasion due to flooding and the fuel pooling in the blower.  

Yeah I have a tuning issue at present where there is a random intake backfire resulting in 2bar+ pressure spike in the intake manifold....and I removed that valve because it was in the way of installing the fuel injectors in the manifold......

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9 hours ago, HighLUX said:

Teach me about pulley sizes and making more boost plz Bart. I need  smaller pulley on the s/c for more boost?

Or a bigger pulley on the crank. 
sc12/14  have a ghey tapered spline where the pulley attaches to the pump. Which isn't un doable, but is more cuntier to make. 
the online calculators require the VE of the engine, and of the blower to accurately calculate boost. 
however if you have an existing set up, you ought to be able to extrapolate (within a bulls roar) your effeciencies.  

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Fuel injected engines are eleventy billion times more betterer. You can run a small intercooler, cos you have no fuel in the charge. And cos everything is so small you can upgrade your injectors to slightly larger ones using pretty much anything.  

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just ordered a amr500 for work , going to use it with electric motor and VSD to control flow.. should be super fun project :)

hopefully they dont leak as our furnace runs less than 100 PPM o2...

have been using these crappy side channel blowers but they keep fucking out and leak 02 in... 

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