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Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...


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You guys might be hating on gearbox Barry, but a close ratio gearbox is a modification not to be sneezed at..

It would be 100% a pita to even consider alternative ratios in this setup, and I'm sure performance will be sufficiently badass is a lightweight machine as is.


Maybe just whip up another car over the weekend using the stock gullwing transmission,  you have a lathe and a welder, what else could you possibly need.

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Not just Imps. All very familiar in the world of Triumphs and modifying/not modifying them.  More selective about which parts of that world I venture into as I can no longer be bothered to argue with the stupid /closed minded.

It’s true that cars of that era are a bit shit in some ways. In my book this just provides opportunities for improvement :)

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Yup…. Not perfect, not very civilised, not very fast, but fun. Whether I’m pottering in local lanes, hooning around a track or cruising in the Alps, I’m having fun in my car that’s the same age as me. 

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36 minutes ago, cletus said:

2 cars

I get that 100% Clint. Back in the '00s a mate from Church had a new Monaro (six speed manual) and a VL Walkinshaw. Having driven both if I had to choose one to keep it would probably be the VL, stupidly heavy clutch, clunky race gearbox, wild cam and all. 

TLDR, different cars for different jobs.

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I remember talking to my boss in Manchester about the morgan he used to own. He went all misty eyed as he described it.

Then he snapped out of it and told me how much more practical his Fiesta was. Poor, broken man.

We're such romantics.

Anyway back on topic: did you know the imp was based on a fire engine?

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