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Just my 2c,

this car (along with every other 1200 I've ever seen) seems to have the axle offset a but more towards the drivers side. (It must have been a jigging fuck up, cos they all seem to have it) so before you declare the old girl ready for colour, make sure your wheels of choice are a happy fit on the drivers side first. There was a bit (might have been one of my talentless attempts at a repair) that used to rub on that side even with a 185/60/13 on those 5.5 inch Tridens. (Hence why I often ran those yucky R33 wheels)

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Funny you all mention that, as I was finishing the passengers sill tonight and putting a sheet over the rear wheel I though wooo this one has heaps of room! 

The drivers outer clears but the inner I admit I hadn't checked. As Bart said, there were scuff marks on the inner.

i seem to recall Escorts do the same, perhaps it's the joys of leaf springs or the lowering blockage of, which chooches them?

i have a couple of leads on the chrome boot garnish, which I though would be the hardest to find of all the deluxe badges n attachments.

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