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  1. Any chance someone has some dxf files for a Hilux disc brake conversion for AE92 calipers and s13 rotors? It's a simple flat plate conversion bracket, would be sweet to save some time by just getting some laser cut instead of starting from scratch though. Also has anyone had a hilux LSD modified by REMSD? They modified the clutch plates to have proper ramps. It's 950 plus gst and a exchange unit to get done so would like to get some feedback before pulling the trigger on one. Cheeeeers
  2. Sweet that's kinda what I was thinking you would say. Now to do some research on a good respirator that will protect me but not rape what's left of my savings hahaha
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I just have one more question for the interior I'm stripping out the sound deadnening, cleaning any shit of the paint, giving it a quick scratch down then spraying it in the 2k durepox epoxy, would I need to apply a top 2k coat to this or would the primer provide enough protection?
  4. Just after abit of advice here. I am currently repainting my AE85, iIve started by stripping all the paint off and addressing the rust issues. I have 4 Litres of Durepox 2k primer that im going to be using. From the research that ive done it seems that people recommend using the 2k primer over weld through primer, is this the case? There a few places like the internal windscreen channel that I have now exposed to fix some rust is it ok to just use the primer in there or will I also need to topcoat it to get better protection? Also regarding spray guns does it really matter the quality
  5. Hey guys, I'm just after some advice. I have brought a Datsun with an a12 and twin dellortos. The current fuel setup is an electric pump mounted on the firewall with no regulator. I have had issues with fuel sometimes pouring out the opening of one carb. I was wondering if this is because of having no fuel regulator? I was thinking of replacing the fuel pump and mounting it under the car closer to the tank. Was also thinking about purchasing a low pressure fuel regulator like this. http://www.sprparts.co.nz/holley-fuel-pressure-regulator-1-4psi.html What are you guys thoughts?
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