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Holding the pump in my hand I stick the nozzle of the bottle into the oil pump inlet and gently squeeze while slowly rotating the pump. Once the pump cavity is full I'll refit the pump to the engine. 

I'll 95% fill the filter (to avoid a mess) and spin it on. With a gob full of moreys/Lucas that pump will suck harder than a hard thing. 

The filter will be completely filled in a second or two, and you should have all the life giving oil pressure your heart desires.

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Ive seen that engine before. 

Be interesting  to see how it goes. Not telling you how to suck eggs,  but the needle and seats in bike carbs (some bike carbs at least) are only intended to withstand gravity pressure. I inspected the vehicle this engine was removed from  as a persective project for dereged_Leppa. I dont recsll exactly, but I'm quite sure there had been some measure taken to prevent fuel flow from swamping the carbs.

just another pitfall to be aware of I guess.


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I've seen it running in the vanette it came from a few years back..

quick google says Datsun mechanical pump 2.5-3.5 and R1 2-3 so be interesting to see what happens under load.

its an H89 oval port head that's been hucked out to round and ported n polished, can seen different guides at the very least 



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I'm not suprised that pedal is bent. It's been stomped on quite a few times. I actually broke the first one. Smashed the foot hard down, and it broke at the pivot.  Dad once reckoned he could hear the pedal hit the floor from outside the car. Not sure if he was was taking the piss or not. It's a cool story bro either way.

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On 14/03/2019 at 15:40, terran smith said:

hey great job, 1200's rock i'm trying to finish mine and are looking for some rubber door bits ???? THANKS  

 Not sure what bit’s you need, but I replaced the main one with some generic rubber From basis, I can get the part number. The rest could be found at para rubber with some patient searching. Ute stuff will be available new genuine but may need modification/trimming to suit sedan

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Just CRC rust converter. 

I put some on the underside of the roof skin in some places And it’s left a brown powdery residue on top of its purple ‘conversion’ stain.. So I’m not hugely confident in it in thin applications? Maybe I didn’t shake it enough, maybe it was humidity, maybe it wasn’t made to Be left exposed.

i usually use it for cavity’s or smash some black zinc over the top after it’s dried for for a day.

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