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For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs


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Pretty sure it's more about the driveshaft hitting the ground and digging in. Obviously don't want it knocking around under the floor either, but in case of the van it's main job is to stop the pole vault i'd say.


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Is there a catch or something with running a late model engine (1uz/ls1 etc) in a scratch built hotrod? I seem to remember something but can't recall. Does it mean the build has to comply with some frontal impact thingy or something that you would not have to consider if you were running a donk from out of the 60's/70's. Ta.

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Emission standard



There are frontal impact requirements for a new scratch built vehicle but they are very basic and easy to meet

Its covered by doing things like leaving the front chassis rails unboxed forward of the suspension mounts, or putting holes in the rails , or using a smaller section material, etc etc  

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i know theres some info on here somewhere but i cant find it


stolen, recovered vechicle (motorcycle)

I dont believe it ever had a VIN affixed (nz new, my gn doesnt have one) so just a frame number. Most of the frame number has been ground off. a few digits are visible, the rest may come up with a dye test thing?

Engine is in the bike still, and has its number.

naturally it has been sprayed matt black, but the original paint is under there


Rego is still live, and is now in my name

the guy i got it from, got it from the guy who it was stolen from

police dont have it on their stolen list (as it was recovered)


I would like to go wof/rego it and put it back on the road, but i believe i will need to submit it to be identified and have a vin affixed to it has an identity?

I dont have the original owners details (yet at least) so i wouldnt have the police paperwork regarding its identification and recovery.


Where do i go from here? rock up to motorcycle revin man for inspection and the process takes care of itself? or do i need to submit anything to Waka Kotahi?

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Currently stripping the Datsun down and can see a cert needed in its future (EFI conversion)

Because of its past life as a racecar, it still has the cage mounts, are these likely to cause me any grief come cert time? mostly hidden, but if you know what you're looking at, they could be obvious. It only had a half cage so plate each side behind the front seats and two plates under the rear screen on the parcel shelf.

The floor ones make a handy jacking/axle stand point so kinda handy if I don't need to carve them out!



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1 minute ago, yoeddynz said:

@NickJ I thought EFI conversion was fine so long as you don't increase the power by 20% or thereabouts?

Likely larger capacity though :(

Weirdly the car is registered as an 1800 in the system which is one of the options

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1 hour ago, yoeddynz said:

Is this something that you @cletuswill be dealing with or is it heavy vehicle engineers? Sounds like a big fuck up by nzta!....


Apart from answering the phone a million times to explain the difference between heavy and light certification,  and hear all about their camper van and how long they have had it and how many cofs it's already had and how ridiculous the rules are here in nz blah blah blah 


No, thankfully I dont have to deal with it  

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