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MOLESWORTH MOPED MELEE, 4th, 5th, 6th March 2022.


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Im in once again and will confirm Aaron & Mark when I see them next as well as they both enjoyed this alot. Aaron also has a new CT125 which he has modified alot. Me & Mark will be on our Green CTs. I might throw a new engine at mine between now and then. 

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16 minutes ago, JustHarry said:

I'll add to the stretch of main rd before the pelorus bridge is pretty punishinh if you cant maintain 80k +  

And day 3 has a good tarmac stretch from nelson to st Arnaud so top speed helps here.

Yeah I'd love to see a twist and go at this event, but it probably needs to be capable of an 80km/h cruising speed. Last year the slowest bikes appeared to be new Honda Monkey 125s (they were fine, but pretty consistent). 

I want something for this event, last year I rode/cheated on a WR250R. If someone has anything interesting, road legal, <200cc and is interested in a running/reg on hold 1983 Honda FT500, hit me up. 

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I’ve been torn between upgrading the Monkey’s suspension, which was the worst part of it, or getting another bike. I want to put a 125 eleccy start in my CT90, but I bought another Monkey so other projects have got in the way. But last weekend a 1976 XL250 popped up, and I had to have it. I VMX slightly older XL’s, and this one is so mint I had to have it. I know it’s definitely it the mid sized bike realm, but it’s not massive, it is old, and I hope you’ll let me in again. Just got to find a rack for it. 


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