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Beach Hop 2020


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On 27/02/2020 at 09:54, _Matt said:

It’s only 4 weeks away! Who’s going?

I’m in need of some accommodation if anyone knows of anything as well!

Hopefully someone is going?

Need to get a WOF for the Mercury this week but will be there for sure.


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5 hours ago, Nominal said:

Rolling the Gal I hope?

That's the plan 

but currently waiting on an msd distrubtor to come from the states a Wof some exhaust work and to do some miles on the fresh engine 

if it's not ready then I'll just be rolling in other workmates v8s 

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Am coming this year will do the same as normal.

-Catch a ride over Friday after work 'for a look'

-Have beers

-Decide I dont wanna go home and have too many beers

-Wake up on JTB couch

-Hitch hike home and struggle cos im not a early 20s german lass.

Dont think ill ever learn.

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