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Shuzz's " I've had this since before you were born" Hilux


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As it stands now the chassis is still solid, it still runs, moves and stops but the cab is pretty rotten and the electrics are a bit temperamental. I put this down to the mice that have been living in it for the last decade. So many nut shells. So much poo.

It's currently looking sad sat on L200 rims, but things are on the move. Going to get it home this week and then over to my mates workshop at the end of the month.

Had the old Mangels 8 spokes blasted and coated and bought new tyres. There's nothing like a sensible order of works.




Hilux resto 1.jpeg

Hilux resto 2.jpeg

Hilux resto 3.jpeg

Hilux resto 3.jpg

Hilux resto 4.jpg

Hilux resto 5.jpg

Hilux resto 6.jpg

It'll be fine :)

hilux resto 1 004 small.jpg

Hilux resto 7.jpg

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2 hours ago, RUNAMUCK said:

Those motors are sooooo gutless. My cousin had one. It was woeful.

I live in the UK, woeful is what we aspire to.

1 hour ago, tortron said:

Can ship you a Buick V6 mate

Nah yeah nah ?

52 minutes ago, Nominal said:

Rover V8 FTW surely?

This has crossed my mind, bell housing kits come up for grabs now and then and i know of a few nice engines here and there.

I've run the old crate up to nearly 300,000 miles on that gutless woeful engine. I liked it enough for daily duties over 13 years, but maybe a turbo would help.

I'll review the situation at 500.000 miles.

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Had a rover v8 in my 85 lux double cab on lpg only 

the good = lux is lighter than a Range Rover -rover v8 is lighter than a Toyota 2.4 diesel + cool noises + cheap to run and no road tax here 

the bad = rover v8 - old style rope main rear seal + the tendency for rover 3.5 s to warp heads and then excess crank case pressure - the 4.6 s later on ran less head bolts and less warping ....

th other thing - rover sump gets in the way of the front axle torque arm 

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