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Shuzz's " I've had this since before you were born" Hilux


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Got to the point where it's mostly putting stuff back together from now on, which is lucky coz the bed's nearly full of parts.

Because we skipped the bit where I have it a home before I took it to my mates place, I'm not going to paint the chassis, etc for the moment.

It's now running sweet and starts on the button, which is nice.

Aim is now to just get it back on the road all legal like, and worry about tarting up in the spring. Don't know what year though.

Welding is starting on Thursday, just in time for the headlight panel by the looks of it. Just got to finish the brakes, put all the engine belts on and sort some electrical gremlins.

Hopefully MOT in a couple of weeks.

/not much pics, busy getting covered in crap.

006 small.jpg

007 small.jpg

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2 hours to change over a pair of discs.

2 hours.

Pressed the studs out of the first one, disc was still jammed solid. Broke the disc in the 30 ton (30.4814 tonne) press.

Bloody thing came off then.

Cleaned it all up and fitted new disc, started on the second one and then realised I hadn't lined up the two retaining bolt holes on the first one.

Finish second one, strip first one again, rotate disc one stud, reassemble...


// pic

001 small.jpg

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Wednesday morning of ironic failure.

After the disc brake back-plate debacle, today I put the hubs back on and bolted the new calipers.

They're the wrong, they're for the vented discs. Along with the back-plates.

So if I'd known that I could have swapped the solid discs for vented ones before I gorilla'd them onto the hubs of reluctance . Then I'd have a "brake upgrade", as suggested by a few folk.

So what I actually had was 2/3 of a unfitted brake upgrade for a bit, and what I have now is no brakes which I'm pretty sure in a step backwards.

Hopefully new correct calipers arriving tomorrow.

/no pics

//threw my fone at the truck.


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I did some stuff.

Hubs & brakes all back together and nothing even leaks


Used a proper pipe bending thing for the first time instead of a broom handle/scaff bar/door jamb/my boot, etc. A+, will trade again.


Got the new shocks on and fired it up to move it to the other workshop. It ran fine, it then wouldn't rev, then wouldn't idle & then died. First time in 22 years it's let me down.

We're guessing the stop solenoid's had it. Going to investigate tomorrow once the new battery tray is in. My mate reckons it's like an old farm Collie, happy to be left outside for years but as soon as you bring it inside and give it some attention it can't handle it.

Now in the resto shop with all the busted-ass Pommy stuff


My mate Steve's cracking on with the rust


I'm doing some bits and bobs like sorting the doors, electrics etc till he's out of the engine bay & then I'll pull things off the motor and swear at it until it runs again.

New fuel tank coming tomorrow, that's gonna mean bed off so I might as well grind and paint the chassis too.

More thrilling tales from darkest Wales tomorrow 


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So while I've been pratting around with the rear brakes, like 2 hours to strip 'em, (really stupid wheel cylinder mounting design), Steve cracked on with the welding

New inner wing/battery tray


Little hole turned into big hole. Apparently I'm going to need a Land Rover body mount here....


Sills coming on a treat, he's going to roll an outer sill to make it look neat & seal at the door bottom.


He reckons he'll be done by the end of tomorrow, I believe him. 


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