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Shuzz's " I've had this since before you were born" Hilux


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Averages for August.

LPG............£ 0.61 per litre

Petrol.........£ 1.29 per litre

Diesel.........£ 1.32 per litre.

I don't know about the maths

RV8 + conversion kit + LPG conversion = probably a while until I make the difference back.

And obviously my run of luck with the old 3500's would then end in a blaze of bent heads, flattened cams and oily clutches.


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Finally I got my arse in gear and towed the old banger to my mates place. He's said I can take as long as I want but I'm aiming to get it done within 3 weeks.


Eastbound & down.

HiLux 13.jpg

Settled in nicely

HiLux 10.jpg

Slightly more holes than i first thought but still not too bad,

HiLux 11.jpg

Eviction notice served on headlamp bowl squatters.

HiLux 12.jpg

More updates on the way thick and fast, hopefully.

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Not much (like none) in pattern parts, gonna drop into the local Toyota dealer on Monday and see if anything's still available. 

My mate's pretty handy and he's got a roller, folder, etc so we'll get pretty close.

That or just rant a bit of box section in there and cover it in checker plate.....

TM has a Detroit and a 12 speed but it hasn't got a Land Rover tipper body, in case you were wondering.


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