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Shuzz's " I've had this since before you were born" Hilux


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Well, he did it again. To the other sill this time.


Then started making up for it


He's going to finish tomorrow, he told me. Says I don't owe him anything but I think I do.

I pulled the tank out, it was a twat and I got an armpit full of stale diesel for my trouble.


It was so f***ing cold I gave up at 3 and came home.

Think it was a bit too cold to take pics n'all.


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20 hours ago, CarolsHusband said:

Test drive tomorrow, with no doors obviously. I'm pretty sure the heater still works so that'll help.

Ha ha.

"Test drive" my arse. (Not literally, thanks).

Rad didn't turn up, excuse being " We are waiting for the correct core to be delivered"

My guess that is reconditioner-speak for " We'd completely forgotten about your rad and someone is looking for it right now"

Checked the fuel filter for post-plumbing debris, refilled & refitted. Primer packed up. Rigged up a hand primer and covered everything in diesel. Nice.

Got it running again, sounds great. Also still sounded great when I switched it off. New solenoid is knackered already.

5th gear, foot on the brake, dump the clutch.

Gave up and did a few jobs on Mrs Shuzz's car as she's off with the bin lids for a couple of days.

Back on the Hilux tomorrow.

/It's getting too cold for this bollocks.

//pics if you're lucky.


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Things have been happening, just not really photo worthy,

New stop solenoid wasn't broken, I'd caught the O-ring when I fitted it and jammed it open. The word "moran" springs to mind. All sorted now. Gave it a good rev and the cam belt stayed on the pulleys so I guess that's fine too.

Radiator turned up. Looks good (bloody ought to for the price) so that'll be going back in tomorrow. I've just got to find the fan shroud from the last time I had the rad mended in 2001. I think it's in the roof of the garage. Maybe. Got to start the Skyline up and pull it out to get in the roof.  Possible fiasco on the cards + some swearing. The winch is up there too so I'll be grabbing that n'all, and not dropping it on the Skyline in the process.

I seem to be having a bit of a communication problem with the bloke who's selling me seats and a window mechanism. Gonna chase it up. Don't fancy sitting on those rat wee/poo seats again TBH.

Steve did the repairs on the door skins yesterday, I primed them this afternoon and may just whack a bit of matt black on tomorrow.

Talking of which, I'm now starting to think about colours. White would be the obvious choice coz it's half done already but I'd quite like to do it the original red (though I'm not sure about how it'd look on the new bed). Or maybe that Skoda colour that looks like grey primer. We shall see come the spring. For the moment it's just gonna stay rough.

 I've insured the truck, I'm genuinely hoping it'll be back on the road by the end of the week.

I'll try my best to take some pics tomorrow.

/ one pic



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No turbo, no sticker. Or should I have a "Non Turbo" sticker ?

I seem to remember @kyteler had a "SOHC 12valve" sticker on his R30. 

/or did I make that up ?

Also.... Alternator turned up and had been dropped. Plug was smashed to fuck. New one on the way.

Still no seats. Still no winder.

Hey Ho.

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New alternator fitted & charging. This seems to have cured a few electrical gremlins as well.


Drivers door back on.

Soaked the seats with a load of anti bac Febreze, hopefully that'll ease the fruity funkiness.

Steve wandered past the bench and saw the broken window mechanism sat there. " You still not found a new one of those ? Hang on, I'll fix it. Give me 5 minutes"

And he did. Made up a bush and welded it in. No more clickety whirly window no go up & downy. And on his day off. He's a GC.




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