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21 hours ago, cletus said:

Waterblaster on the seatbelts trick works pretty good. Bleargh stuff coming out 

That's not wet and dry, the grey bit is where it's been blasted.... They look pretty good now they have dried out  



Had to do this the other day when flatmate failed wof for missing button on the seatbelt. Replaced button and gave the belt a birthday with simple green.

Tidy up the edges with the lighter and Robert is your brothers mother.



Edit: I just realised this is your project thread, sorry about that hah.

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Been fixing things and also making things worse sometimes? 

Degreased and waterblaster engine bay. Next day it started misfiring. Check engine light came on. 

Bought OBD scan thing , cam angle sensor, ordered one, waiting for it to arrive. Still runs ok just has a misfire now and then 

Boss had bought most of the parts to do everything but got the CBFs so fortunately I didnt have to spend much, I only had to get wheel bearings and wheel cylinders.


 fitted new discs, pads, bearings and an abs sensor to the front, new shoes wheel cylinders and drums on the rear. 

The new drums are not round so I had to swap the old ones back on to stop the pedal pulsing....

stops a lot better now though and the abs works again, the wiring had got in the way during a balljoint replacement prior to my ownership, and was cleft in twain by a misplaced hammer blow

Replaced a broken exterior door handle, that was a cunt of a job, and adjusted the interior handle mechanism after getting trapped inside it a couple of times 

Fitted new door speakers, they had fallen apart, which is the general theme of the interior, theres a lot of cracked plastic bits

The diff needs a rebuild, it's a bit noisy and has play in the pinion bearing. 

Booked for a new windscreen on Thursday,  after that I'll swap the van back and get that ready to sell  




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Van went bye byes today, sadface.jpg 

I mucked around with springs a bit to raise it and fit some un modified bumpstops so it was all legit, first gen rav4 rear springs fit perfect and drop it halfway between stock, and where it was with the mystery springs in it. 


Went and picked up the chev again and put the new cam angle sensor in , no more fault code or check engine light, and runs better, yuss.   





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Ecom on pertol? No. Unsurprisingly. 

Checked its fuel consumption just as a matter of interest pre mods- 

15.9L/100 around town and a bit of motorway 

Went to rotorua today with cruise control set at 100 most of the time, 14.35L/100


It came with a set of headers, so I'll put those on, should try a new thermostat because it seems to run a bit cool, and I should probably fit an electric fan as the engine driven viscous one takes a while to 'unlock' when it's cold 


Stay tuned for riveting updates on the subject 

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