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  1. Sucks when 'professionals' work on your car and fuck it up for ya :-/
  2. On my rx2 it was a different gearbox (s1 rx7) that fucked it up. You can get different speedo drive gears for the s1 box (they are different colours). Bumpstart on ausrotary has a tech thread on it.
  3. What's your experience been with non-rubber bushings, like the one's you've fitted to your lower wishbones etc.? My experience with that type of bushing is they don't last. I had some nolathanes dry rot and fall to bits in my xr8. I'm pretty sure all the oem rubber bushings are still available.
  4. Atom Fasteners have come through for me in the past.
  5. What the hell happened there? U-turn or skids or.. the car that hit it must have been motoring tho :-/
  6. You don't have to use j109s.. green bros used to sell a direct replacement igniter (don't know if they still do) that fits and does the same job but brand new. I used them they were fine.
  7. Nice car. They say it's best to buy the best example you can afford; I doubt you'll ever regret 'paying too much' : )
  8. Car looks so mint I'd of not thought there'd be repairs like that hiding.
  9. morkster


    The Tergo brand from Mitre 10 is good.. just paint it on and work it until the rust is gone. I use a stiff paint brush. Don't let it dry as it forms a white powder that can't be removed without sanding. I use it at about 20-25% with water like that. If you're soaking a part in a bucket say, you can dilute much more. I would do your roof in sections at a time.
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