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  1. Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Sounds good, real good.
  2. Car's gonna be brand new by the time you're finished : )
  3. Nzed's '67 Chrysler New Yorker

    Fark having a cast on sucks ay
  4. You mentioning wind noise makes me think of my rx2 and how i can drive along with the window down and there's no wind buffeting on me while i'm driving.. i think because of the angle of the windscreen.. anyway it's extremely nice on a warm sunny day driving with the window down in the country, nearly as good as motorcycle.
  5. Oh how awesome! Looks and sounds so nice man
  6. Build Thread So cool.. i like the white writing on the inside of the tyres, and how high it is!
  7. Hope you didn't get much crap in the bottom of the tranny there.. ?
  8. Good job, ride height looks near perfect to me.. maybe could be half an inch lower in the back tho still
  9. samanthamannell's 1978 Mini

    Those new lights suit the car and paint sweet.
  10. Manlymanman's Girly BMX

    Spokey Dokeys.
  11. Love it! Bui​ld thread: // I had an xw falcon 3.6 when I was a kid. Was a good car, but a factory 302 Fairmont is in another league.​ Nice car, love all the chrome.
  12. So you'll have to get a vin assigned?