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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread

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Yep, goes in the tailstock drill chuck, it's free to move on the arbor.

Back half takes 2" dies, front half takes 1" dies. I still need to make adapters for 13/16", 1.3" and 1.5", but the cost of dies is so crazy that I probably won't make them until I need to.

I had a test hoon with it earlier, it cuts like 80 mm of M8 thread in about 10 seconds. Single point threading that length would take me forever and probably turn to shit due to part deflection.

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On 05/07/2020 at 17:14, ajg193 said:

Modified and rebuilt a toyota k series electronic distributor for a friend today.

His engine is rather modified, so he doesn't use vacuum advance. I just made a plug with an arm on it, locking vacuum advance. 

It's based on a commercial engine 5k distributor so has a bearing instead of a bushing, this should make it more reliable. 

Some measurements indicate it should give 24 crankshaft degrees of mechanical advance at top end - so he should be good if he sets base timing at around 10 or 11

Yay for Milty!


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Wanted a sleeping bag for hunting kit


Have plenty of down stuff. However I would prefer to use a synthetic bag for this for ease of cleaning when after being in stinking pack with blood and guts, being wet, being cheap and easy to abuse in bivvys.


Got a basic used synthetic bag, quadrofill, not terrible insulation, but one of the heavier options.



833g with stuff sack. Rated to 8C whatever that means in real life.


S.o.a.b didn't mention all the seams were fucked. But whatever I guess, I'm Gona cut it up


I'm turning it into an insulation on top only bag like my macpac pinnacle and Neve

First step. Sew up the foot box. Keeping insulation from the ankles down all around



Open the inner seam up all the way, unstitch all the bottom insulation and remove it.


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Sew baffles in the top. I sewed right through the two layers to hold the insulation in place. This is not "the best" way to do it for max insulation, but it's quick.




Sew all the seams up


Cut out all the unneeded tags and bits

Shorten the zip to about 1/3


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I had planned on doing some custom down stuff as the wif will buy a down jacket, insist on wearing it while painting the house, and then throw it out.

But I gotta hide them before she actually throws them out

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100% get it mounted or made into a display piece. Knife could be cool on a wooden stand with plaque? 

I've gotta get something done with my grandads boxing stuff. A mouldering pair of boxing gloves sitting in a box is no fun

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