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  1. length of steering arm will only adjust the speed the wheels turn vs input (which also changes force applied to turn the wheels, longer =easier, shorter = harder) ackerman is based on drawing imaginary parallel lines down the sides of you "vehicle" intersecting the lower pivot of your king pin angle. moving the steering mount location, inboard or outboard of this will change your ackerman being front rack you want to move the mounts outwards so that the steering mount intersects the lower king ping piviot and aims towards the centre of the rear axle for optimal turning
  2. also, most of the rare spares parts dont come close to fitting so track down originals if you can, still quite alot of ke3#/ke5# parts in aus
  3. they were built with alot of aussie parts, brake calipers are girlock aswell. thas chrome sill trim is an aus spec thing also. you will find that the roof kin is roller pinch welded like how fuel tanks are made vs jap assembled spot welds. if you ever have to pull the axles out make sure you order a seal/bearing kit as they tend to leak if you dont replace the seal
  4. marshal jobs should be pretty cruisey, for the track 3 drifting side of things almost all the drivers will have many years of experience so will have one person situated where you turn off the back straight as its totally blind. and track 2 one in the pit tower and another on the infield. i expect muppetry to be super low as drifters have alot of seat time and most of the oldschool guys know whats up and understand the responsibilities as a driver.
  5. the idea was to have two marshals for each track and do a half day each, so if someone was to do that sort of scenario, i wouldn't say no. most people i know who will attend, will drive and sharn all day so hard to get people, just sweetening the deal and trying to keep you all safe
  6. so with the majority of covid out of the way, I have progressed a little with pricing and a date, so far they are free for august next year. would you guys be interested in a Friday or prefer a Saturday/Sunday? price is looking to be the $10,00 mark for a single day so i would be looking at 25 spots for track 2 and another 25 for track 3. that brings a rough estimate for cost around the $210-$220 mark depending on bonds and paying a couple people to marshal throughout the day depending on Taupo's response and negotiations, track 3 grip prices might go down and track 3 drift prices up in the opposite fashion (Taupo doesn't like drifting so they rape that crowd and refuse to give grass bonds back)
  7. nice. i love the aus spec interior with ashtrays in the rear passenger cards, looks tidy for the price
  8. car colours are actual legends, i deal with with them often
  9. that is some beautifully tight radius bends for the shock hoops! who did you go through to get them bent up?
  10. not at the moment. but i can get some. ke3# mounts are the easiest to use as they are a smaller bracket than all others ie;AE86,KE70
  11. i jsut want to have fun, thats all.it may not be built with a big fancy turbo and all the e-fame attachments, but i have alot more fab skills and knowledge these days so heres to a good laugh and many grassroots motorsport days to come. also working in the garage,garden is the only way my brain isnt in engaged in overdrive, its my own kind of therapy i guess.
  12. i takes a certain quality in someone to be hated by the masses, crashing at hamptons while out on a hotlap in a completely untested car. then trying to sue the track is a good way to fire up the hate train