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  1. It will be rad to see a lot of the same faces along. What are all your thoughts on doing a 10 lap race for the cars with cages? also so thinking of maybe an hour or 2 Of frack time dedicated to time attack style hot laps for non caged cars. keep things mixed up for the drivers so it’s not just a day of cruising
  2. so ive been in talks with Markku around running a trackday for my 31st at taupo mid to late august 2021 it will be 10 years since my 21st and id like to do it again the idea would be to hire the whole track again but run it as track 2 for hot laps/cruising/test and tune and track 3 for drifting there is also a school camp ground which mates have used previously for their track days and could be a good option for cheap accomodation i loved how my 21st gave alot of you something to aim for and it would be rad to see that again my aim is to run it as a very cruisy day with alot of oldschool vibes. maybe even a race for those with caged cars. im trying to align this with Richard Opies desire to photograph all the kp drifters and it would be cool to see alot of very seldomly seen cars out of garages what are your thoughts, would you be interested, would a friday work if organised far enough in advance (way cheaper for all)
  3. Hmmm, back with a Oldschool project. It's driving starlets sideways that got me into drifting, there has been a lot of starlet shenanigans going on of late so the proverbial bullet has be bitten When this kp61 sprint rolling body popped up for cheap. I had a couple of motor options in mind and within the week I found Chris EURON8 had a complete set up from an altezza that needed moving on. So no Hesitation, in it went! Hack the tunnel and firewall Shove it in Cowl all in place Had some cultures come in at work so took the dry ice home and chipped out the sound deadner the more I look through my parts the more I realise I don't need to buy. Should be a rather cheap and cheerful build
  4. the headlight wiring on ms65's broke me. negative triggered relay with no fuse. atleast on my aussie assembled one that i used to own
  5. ive got a spare set of fc calipers if you need them
  6. is there a layout to follow when it comes to doing the design approval process, I have three things that will need to go through this process(rear knuckles, rear subframe and front LCA's) I have the basics of the knuckle drawn in cad that still needs a little work before its completed, the LCA's I could probably draw up but the rear subframe is way to technical for my skills. obviously have to supply information on welding processes lastly should i get NDT done before or after as all are made already and happy to add/change if requested