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  1. https://www.playdayontrack.co.nz/faqs.html all information is in link^^^ looking on their page they are $150-$180
  2. For those following, new thread started
  3. Hey all, the booking of Taupo has become impossible! with little time left to organise anything, I’ve made some calls and and our only real option is to jump in on a play day on track day at Pukekohe. Gary who runs play day is happy to release sales to oldschoolers and friends first before it is realeased to the public, his days do sell out so you would have to get in early to guarantee a spot. the upside of Pukekohe is that my place is only 10minutes down the road and I can open a paddock or 2 up for anyone who would be keen to camp and party on with a bonfire afterwards! let us know if you would be keen on this!
  4. What would peoples thoughts be on moving this to Pukekohe and just running it as a normal track day?
  5. Sorry for the lack of info guys, I have enquired with Taupo a few times and am bashing my head against a brick wall, was kinda hoping I would eventually deal with someone different but it’s the same dude with the same attitude every time. I’m currently making one last attempt that seems to be following the previous trend. Does anyone know anyone at Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park? maybe wait till old mate tony Quinn has it in his hands
  6. not sure what it was for, my mate has the same one on his subaru brumby, so who knows
  7. the shell its mint its just the valance and bonnet that are rotten which I have spares, container has vents on the doors (facing the prevailing wind) and a whirly bird on the back end of the roof
  8. Organising long term projects and parts Got a lucky streak as @AE25 knew a guy that worked for a company that needed to clear out their old shelving. It's amazing how much stuff you can fit in a 40ft high cube
  9. Long time no update, unemployed life has got me busier than ever. I’ll start where we left off and chuck up what little photos I took along the way finished the sump, no photos of rubber flappy baffles bat it’s all in there. Ended up with an extra 200ml of volume and a sump that’s above the crossmember so a bash plate can be fitted(yet to make) Before the engine got thrown back in I tidied up the wheel tubs and the recessed firewall Had to do the clutch as dual mass flywheels aren’t ideal. Let alone when there is 30°-40° of slack in the stock flywheel. Aftermarket single mass setup was a fuck around as the flywheel didn’t seat on the crank properly. Anyway sorted that out and fired the engine in the hole. Mocked up the rear of the headers. Before sending it down to Stu at Precision Wiring Solutions. let’s just say, he’s an absolute wizard and worth every penny. Factory ecu and speedo cluster were reverse engineered to make everything work. Only thing we couldn’t do was the fuel guage so just used a vdo sender and guage. We got the engine fired up while it was there and checked everything over. sorted the fuel tank to run the factory pump in a surge tank setup which it a part of the main tank to minimise lines used, and just a high flow low pressure vdo lift pump feeding the main pump got the rear wheel tubs all welded in and tidied up I managed to talk mike Shaw into knocking out an n2 kit so that was promptly fitted moments after getting home from collecting it And then there is the plethora of other jobs required to get the the car to the point where the car can be “safely” Driven . Having the power company cut the power to replace poles from 9am-3pm the day before you’re meant to be on track puts a spanner in the works, none the less. My ambitious nature got there in the end! Tux chucked a vid together as we managed a bit of an Oldschool takeover at the cjc jerkfest day all in all the car went bloody well for a first outing. So much fun to drive and so snappy. Need to get the brakes working better, hydro actually working and new coils to hopefully fix the random hesitation from the motor that seems to happen at the sketchiest of times. plans? Well getting my life sorted out after taking redundancy from fonterra. Get all my stuff (shit) into a container to clear the workshop ready for fabrication and customer work. It will be on the back burner for a while until business is up and running, then I can sort the odds and sodds on this and give it a lick of paint!
  10. So I’ve been chipping away over the past weeks. So much done but still so much to do! Managed to get the whole rear end dialed Just need to cap the upper arm boxes (can’t decide if I should make removable or just weld them on) Caliper brackets made and calipers mounted Made a start on the sump as the factory lower pan would have sat 40mm lower than the crossmember made an intake pipe by stretching a 3” tube over a 3”-5” sch40 reducer. Bit of grease and the press did the job Trying to decide header layout also Fixing up some back yard rust repairs, it’s only a seat time car but you gott make it look good atleast once So I’m getting there slowly. Going to try get fuel tank/lines in and dump done by next week as the loom should be ready to put in then. Will be good to fire it up. with only 5 days left of regular employment, the aim is to get this completed before my nomadic stint in the bush over summer
  11. length of steering arm will only adjust the speed the wheels turn vs input (which also changes force applied to turn the wheels, longer =easier, shorter = harder) ackerman is based on drawing imaginary parallel lines down the sides of you "vehicle" intersecting the lower pivot of your king pin angle. moving the steering mount location, inboard or outboard of this will change your ackerman being front rack you want to move the mounts outwards so that the steering mount intersects the lower king ping piviot and aims towards the centre of the rear axle for optimal turning
  12. also, most of the rare spares parts dont come close to fitting so track down originals if you can, still quite alot of ke3#/ke5# parts in aus
  13. they were built with alot of aussie parts, brake calipers are girlock aswell. thas chrome sill trim is an aus spec thing also. you will find that the roof kin is roller pinch welded like how fuel tanks are made vs jap assembled spot welds. if you ever have to pull the axles out make sure you order a seal/bearing kit as they tend to leak if you dont replace the seal
  14. marshal jobs should be pretty cruisey, for the track 3 drifting side of things almost all the drivers will have many years of experience so will have one person situated where you turn off the back straight as its totally blind. and track 2 one in the pit tower and another on the infield. i expect muppetry to be super low as drifters have alot of seat time and most of the oldschool guys know whats up and understand the responsibilities as a driver.
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