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  1. i am also sorted thanks .... unless I acquire another wag? /// @Bistro and I set a 10 year ban on vehicle purchasing : / you heard it here first. 10 looooooooooooong years. P.S love your work in this thread @KKtrips
  2. Howdy campers If you are planning on a visit to the Naki in the next few days please think back to sub zero Jan wedding temps and then proceed with packing every thermal item you own. Extra sleeping bags/full snow suit for bedtime a must. Snowy summers in the THC - keeping you hardcore since way back when. Also PM me or Bizzo for address dets should you require
  3. Ohhh yes we certainly can - festival of lights is a must and cheese is a camping staple.
  4. On the topic of wagoneering, vanning and general camping - we are going to be having a little 2018 Welcoming Assembly at our land over the NY period. We will be up there from the 30th of Dec till the 2nd of Jan - feel free to swing by and stay for a few days or just a night. Might have a big bonfire on NY eve if conditions allow. Will work in some day trips to local swimming holes and nearby beaches. We don't have ANY facilities except two portaloos so bring bottled water and all other amenities. There is a supi & liquor store and multiple takeaway options three minutes up the
  5. West is best! Technically not a Wellington wagoneering member but if you'll take a couple of jokers from the THC as tag alongs we would be oh so keen to JI for Tour d'amour! Keen for the Monday down - hopefully miss all that Easter crazy
  6. Me and Bistro are leaving the naki at midday Friday also - could aim to meet you cats at Woodville for ultimate powers combined convoy to the Bay!
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