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Classic Car Auction - Ohaupo - 7th November

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Thought I'd make this into a topic as there will be cars and parts that many of us are interested in.

The auction starts at 10am. Viewing opens that morning at 8:30am or the day before.

I'll be heading down on Saturday morning to start viewing at 8:30am. I will be taking a ute and a tandem axle car trailer. I have space for up to four more people.

I will be bidding on behalf of myself and Zebradude. If anybody else wants something but cannot attend, please PM me. I may be able to do some bidding while you are on the hone to me etc.



Here's a link to the auction. Take a look through the pictures. Mainly English and European stuff but some Japanese cars too.




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Top Posters In This Topic

Oh here's a quick list of the cars and items for sale. Saves you from downloading the excel catalogue;


Fiat Crusader  - De Reg                     
Volksawagon Golf Red - Reg on Hold (54)     
Volkswagon  Golf GTI- Gold -On Hold (118)   
Volkswagon Golf MK2 Blue- On Hold (70)      
Volkswagon Golf 1978 GTS MK1 Green- Parts On
Volkswagon Golf Body Only-                  
1974 Subaru GFT Sedan #HF3361 On Hold (77)  
1978 Volvo 164- On Hold  Parts Only         
Mini Van  Body Only (65)                    
Toyota MR 2 - On Hold Suitable Parts Only (5
1984 Toyota MR 2 # OK4163 Unknown History   
Toyota MR 2 White #SZ9945- Unknown History  
#OH1158 Mini Truck Green-  Parts Only (15)  
VW  Beetle 1300CC- Dereg Parts Only (95)    
Austin A35 Van- Rolling Body ( 19)          
Mini Rolling Body (19)                      
Mini Rolling Body ( 74)                     
Mini Body Only                              
Peugot 205 GTI - De Reg  Parts Only( 67)    
1993 Daihatsu Hi Jet Van_ On Hold #UQ5590 (6
1979 Honda Civic #JF3464 -O Hold Restore(75)
1993 Mitsubishi Minica #EPB 440 O/Hold (14) 
1961 Austin A40 Country #AN 153-Unknown Hist
1970 Morris 1300 #FK6403 - On Hold (10)     
Hilman Imp Super - De Reg (6)               
Rover  #BC 35  On Hold - Parts Only (90)    
1952 Austin A40 #BB9518- On Hold ( 72)      
Austin A40 Devon- Parts Only (101)          
Riley Elf - De Reg Parts Only               
Puegot 205 GT- Body Only (94)               
Renault 4 CV- De Reg- Parts Only (47)       
VW Beetle Soft Top - Silver Unknown History 
Bedford Van # EO564 ON Hold                 
Volkswagon Golf #KK2290- Unknown History    
Leylaand Mini Clubman Body Only (88)        
Mercedes Benz # EYM 593 - History Unknown   
Mercedes Benz 220S # BJ3412- On Hold (64)   
Mercedes Benz 220S Diesel- De Reg (56)      
Mercedes Benz Black #YN1345 ON Hold (92)    
Mercedes Benz 220S - De reg ( 108)          
1993 Mercedes Benz 280E # DPJ253 - Unknown  
Datsun Cherry 120A- On Hold Rough Condition 
1955 Morris Minor 1000- # FFW350 On Hold (3)
Peugot 205 GTI # FHQ633 - Driveable (117)   
1975 Mercedes Benz 280 #HR1673 On Hold (55) 
Renault 12 # IC135 - On Hold (76)           
1955 Studebaker Champion #BPT820 ON Hold(121
1962 Rover 3000  #CJ5986 (85) Unknown Histor
1973 Volvo 164 # GL7879 On Hold (71)        
1969 VW 1500 Beetle #KIWIME ( 73) On Hold   
1960 VW Beetle #WA2211 Unknown History      
1970 VW Beetle # EO3309- On Hold (41)       
2000  VW Beetle 2L Auto #JAM554- Driveable  
Fiat Bambina Nova 500 - Blue #DG1206 Unknown
Fiat Bambina #EL6968  Red- on Hold          
1966 Jaguar 3.4 #ET1767 On Hold (12)        
1964 Jaguar MK11- Unregistered Driveable (7)
1972 Daimler Sovereign #GH4515 On Hold (79) 
Jaguar XJ6 #NQ1654 On Hold (78)             
Jaguar MK11 - De Reg (50)                   
Jaguar 3.8 S # YG2926 - Rolling Body        
Jaguar MK11 #ES6468 ON Hold- Parts(104)     
1982 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 #GWU856 On Hold ( 9)    
1984 Jaguar XJ6 4.2  On Hold Tidy (110)     
Jaguar MK11 # DN8322 ON Hold Restorable (106
1976 Jaguar XJ6 #KK2320 ON Hold (1)         
Ford Transit Van - Rolling Body (86)        
1975 Transit Van Pop Top- On Hold(89)       
1965 Ford  Thames Camper Van- History Unknow
1974 Ford Transit Campervan #EEY622 (80)    
Bedford Campervan #EBY44 Driveable- On Hold 
1968 Comer Campervan #FK4771- On Hold (83)  
Comer Campervan- Parts Only (91)            
Bedford Van- Black (68)                     
1974 Morris J4 Van #HG3013 On Hold (109)    
1967 Bedford CA Van # FE6469 On Hold (60)   
Commer Van Body Only (105)                  
BMW Sedan #WH2444-  History Unknown         
1975 BMW 2002EA #JP2895 On Hold (112)       
Reliant Scimitar GTE Auto #HL6722 O/Hold (39
1974 Sunbeam Rapier #FKB641 On Hold (40)    
1981 Rover 3500 SDI #KG1320 On Hold (53)    
1982 Rover 2.6 De REG (21)                  
BMW 2002 Semi Conertible- DE REG (98)       
1965 Riley Elf MK11 #TQ6334 On Hold (25)    
Sunbeam Imp Body Only (61)                  
Qty of Asst Car parts                       
1969 Riley Elf MK111 - Body Only De Reg(23) 
1966 Hilman Imp # ET2321 On Hold ( 26)      
BMW Body Only                               
Mini  Rolling Body                          
1978 Mini ClubMan - #TM1946 On Hold (111)   
Blue Mini Body Only                         
Grey Mini Body Only                         
Pale Green/ Grey Body Only                  
Pale Green/ Grey Body Only                  
Multi Colour Mini Body Only                 
Grey Mini Body Only                         
Mini Club Man No registration (16)          
1973 Leyland Clubman # RW8322 ON Hold (32)  
Orange Mini Body Only ( 33)                 
Austin Mini MK1- De Reg                     
1980 Leyland Mini 1275 GT # JW345 O/Hold (37
1962  Morris Mini Minor MK1-  DE REG (36)   
1969 Austin Mini Van #DM1821 O/Hold (18)    
1975 Mini 1000 - De REG (63)                
Suzuki Van #YPL 952 - O/Hold  (113)         
1974 Fiat 124 #HK2364 O/Hold (99)           
1984 Toyota Corolla #RUSTY O/Hold (99)      
Austin A35 Van- DE REG (103)                
Lnchester LD 10 #DZL2 O /Hold (96)          
Toyota MR2 Super # TW7061 O Hold (97)       
1982VW Golf GTI #NR8898 O n Hold (44)       
1964 Hilman Imp- Rolling Body (22)          
1969 Hilman Imp Police Car #FMT949 (24)     
1958 Austin A35 Van #FLN293 O/Hold (27)     
1954 Austin A30 Fawn #AM4990 On Hold (30)   
Fiat Bambina Yellow - DE REg  (28)          
1955 Austin A30 #CL5705 On Hold (29)        
1947 Austin 8 #AM2014 ON Hold (102)         
1953 Morris Series E Truck #DX4414 (42)     
1990 Chevrolet Corvette #FKA913             
Ford 1600  Motor & Gear Box                 
Morris 8 Gear Box                           
BMW Gear Box                                
Mini Minor Motor                            
1300 Motor & Radiator                       
Qty of Asst Engine Blocks , Shafts etc      
Reconditioned Hilman Imp Motor              
Set of New 14' Rims                         
Set of Puegot Rims & Tyres                  
Set of Volk Racing Rims                     
Set of Chev Mag Rims                        
Set of V8 Wire Spoke Rims                   
Set of 16' Rims & Tyres                     
MINI New Guards & Bumper                    
Set of Mini Mag Wheels                      
Set of BMW Mag Wheels                       
1 x Tyre & 5 x Mini Rims- White             
Jaguar Tow Bar                              
Jaguar Carburetter Set                      
VW Carburetter Set                          
Brake Booster  Cylinder                     
Qty of Wheel Spacers                        
Qty of 3 x Steering Wheels                  
Set of Chrome Mag Wheels                    
Mercedes Grill                              
Set of Black Mags & Tyres                   
Set of 4 x Tyres & Rims                     
Set of 4 x Morris 8 Rims & Tyres            
Pair of Jaguar Rims & Tyres                 
Set of 4 x Superlite Mini Mags              
Set of 4 x VW Golf Rims & Tyres             
VW Roof Rack                                
Mini Seats                                  
ASst Jaguar Doors                           
Large Qty of Asst Jaguar & Mini Spare Parts 
Shed of Asst Hilman Imp Spare parts         
Shed of Asst Mini Spare parts               
2 x Asst Parts Box Stands                   
Cossiga Bench Top Chiller Cabinet           
Woodson Bay Marie                           
Bench Top Hot Food Display Cabinet          
Glass Door Display Fridge                   
FED G8 120FA Chilled Food Cabinet           
Qty of 6 x Timber Dining Chairs             
Black Frame / Wooden Seat Chairs            
S/S Bar Leaner Posts                        
Qty of Timber Bar Leaner Tops               
Pallet of Asst Goods                        
Timber Square Dining Table                  
Round Hardwood Dining Tabe                  
Round Timber Dining Tables                  
Casio TK 3200 Cash Register                 
Hayman Pie Warmer                           
2 x Timber  Deck Chairs- New                
Black Round Seat Plastic Chairs             
Black Cane Dining Chairs                    
Grey Metal Dining Chairs                    
Vinyl Padded Dining Chairs- Orange          
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Shed of Asst Hilman Imp Spare parts         
Shed of Asst Mini Spare parts               



thats a lot of parts, so many they CBF even pulling them out to list them up - sheds included or nah?


OTH how many members here would have a collection of this sort if they were allowed?

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It's my wedding anniversary that day, so what a day trip treat for the missus. If I can wrangle it (she does want an old camper van), I may see you there. Regardless, I should have Friday afternoon free, so will hop over for a look. 


If you have to pay to register, can we all share the same card for ultimate Dutchness?

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