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  1. So hard not being at kumeu. Even if it’s “shit this year” it’s still kumeu. Gosh I love kumeu
  2. Kumeu grill and bun show? With swapmeet
  3. I’m likely missing it this year for first time in 17/18 years. If im lucky I’ll scoot in for Saturday arvo mish
  4. Love this car. Epic amount of work gone in to it. Well done
  5. pusherman


    @johnny.race was so guna start a “diff-erent thread” but id have no content other than a basic understanding of how it works. You lot are a bunch of barry foamers. God speed good fellow
  6. pusherman


    Is an Aussie 9 inch if the same caliber as a us 9 inch. With out starting a diff debate i know the hod rod boys quite fancy the us ford 9 inch as diff of choice. Is au 9 inch the same?
  7. Exactly this. Somewhere there is a canopy for it aswell told both owner and son the most important thing is do not clean it. Just the windscreen thats it
  8. So i may have a standard pre kumeu dilema. Could potentially get a v8 hq ute that has been barn stored for 20years. The owners son has oked it. The owner is 50/50 (has been keeping it for son to do up 15 years ago) its rust fucked but solid enough to drive. True kumeu spirit would be get it running and go it would make alot of sense not to tho
  9. I have one of them camping domes with the sides. Being a grown up now i think of practical shit not that i ever sit still there. I have to investigate every part of kumeu. Have to see it all. For it comes once a year.
  10. Its like 2 freaking weeks away. Wether to caravan all grown up and modern. Or coma in escort for umteenth year
  11. I know nothing about geometry of vehicles. But that looks like a tail happy little truck
  12. Omg omg i fucking love it. I’d drag my bawls across glass just to meet the guy who sold the vacuum that the rust goes into, its freaking amaze balls
  13. did not know there was a swap meet.... probs still wont go
  14. Rumour had it theres a bath barry behind that beard
  15. shes guna be a wet one team. hit another road block with van last night decided to throw the towel in and bring escort. full of enthusiasms again today will get some exhaust patch kits and dodgy that shit up
  16. Nobody is to coment on my design disasters spec rush job rust fix. Not a welder in sight. Today was a good day..
  17. Yes. Transhits debut. Alls I’ve got todo is make it run nicer. Have brakes. Less rust. Non perished tyres. And wof n Reg. Of fuck it and drive as is in true kumeu spirit
  18. save yourself the hassle and sell me the car............ looks awesome ive gone all dribbley over it
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