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How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life


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Looks like Ive got something else to learn about now....

Just picked this up this afternoon




Its a 1986 Suzuki FA50








I know bugger all about scooters or two stroke stuff really, but have bought it mainly for commuting to work on.

But after reading all the scooter gang threads on here, I donned my  denim vest I purchased a while ago and spent this afternoon terrorizing my 'hood




Its pretty sweet and runs well.

missing a couple of lenses, and needs indicators, brake light and horn hooked up.


Just want to get some new tires as the fronts a bit perished.





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Heck yes! Welcome to smelling like two-stroke all the time.

I've just had my Yamaha V50 put back together and am trying to get it up here from Chch.

Will have to go for a ride sometime! 



Oh geez, I will donate real money to the "GuyWithAviators is gonna ride his V50 from CHCH to AKLD and take pics and write about the trip" fund !!

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Ah also have to sort speedo

Works sweet up to like 20kmh then all of a sudden spins off the clock


Sounds like you doing rolling skids with all that powah puhuhuhuhu.

I sold my 4 stroke bike today so can now work on my 2 stroke ringading. Keen for a cruise etc.


Also this thing is lush. Feel free to terrorise my culdesac too. It could do with a bit of that. Locals getting too complacent etc.

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