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How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life


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Then Andrew ( @GuyWithAviators ) built a sweet chaly, and we had a conversion about building a cute matching couples pair of bikes and ended up with this potatoshop


Sorted a pit bike rear end, and the rest of the bits to match, all the way down to the same tyres. 


and as per, for some reason or another that stagnated not long after.

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I had been browsing Instagram and found a picture of a Dax built by Cheetah Custom cycles in Japan that got me fizzing.


Being invited to dirtmasters was the kick in the pants I needed, initially assembled with Suzuki A50 forks and the CT90 rear end.


then Andrew ( @GuyWithAviators ) swapped me most of a Lifan wave for a box of Purple Goannas, and with some engineering magic by @Geophy and @sentra I was able to fit the swing arm, and combine the A50 and wave forks together and get them all mounted to the bike. @MopedNZ got the rear brake bled and custom painted the wheels. This combined effort by the GCs above resulted in us winning 2 of our 3 races at dirtmasters and this super sweet build coming together.


Now dirtmasters is over, next step is clean, strip back down, slap some paint on it and make a seat base, but not before the CB360 is woffed.






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Downsized the wheels from 18s to 17s with some small MX tyres, had @GuyWithAviatorsdo some prep work to it for me and it was all ready for the next off-road adventure


then proceeded to catch the spicy flu and have missed going on the adventure. 
Its probably due for a little refresh anyway, the forks are leaking and there’s a couple of other gripes I have with it, at some point it’ll come back to Auckland for a birthday. 


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