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How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life


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Okay, so the FA50 started leaking fuel out of that over flow hose off the bottom of the carb, when it was parked up

What had happened was it must've sucked some junk Into the petcock and was holding the diaphragm open.

So I diassembled that and cleaned that out. And sweet.


Now it runs fuel out of that overflow only when it's running.

I've mucked around most of this after noon and checked the float level which was within spec. (22.4mm) and cleaned the carb out again.

Put back together, and it still does it while running.

So I've mucked about with it and set the float at a distance greater than 22.4mm (in theory lowering fuel level in float bowl) and it still does it while running.

If you have the carb bowl off and leave fuel on prime, fuel runs through float hole as intended, and then manually lifting float to shut it off shuts it off, but fuel still drips out of one of the other jets.

I'm confused.

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so when you manually close the float valve, fuel stops coming in the float valve, and starts coming through a jet?? that doesn't sound right at all. 


however, i had (opposite) problems on my ax100 with it starving of fuel, even though float was set properly. turns out the carb rebuild kit i got, had a different depth in the float seat, causing the factory hight spec to be wrong, pretty much just had to set it by trial and error in that case, but in your case it could be a case of needing to go a bit further out of spec. 


also if its got a rubber tipped float needle, that could have deteriorated. other than that, not much else to really go wrong with them. unless you plumbed the fuel into a vent or something, 

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As previously mentioned, Id been having issues with the carb, It was at the point where It would drip more gas out the overflow than the thing would use when being ridden!

A while ago whilst browsing Aliexpress, I had come across a listing for a FA-50 carb and though that was going to be the endall of my problems. but alas, The image on the internet  looked slightly different to the carb fitted to the FA50 and with an expected eta of 20-30 days for shipping (because im cheap and didnt want to pay more for shipping than the carb) I wasn't entirely convinced. Then I remembered that on one of my rides back when this was running mint, I had scootered past a bunch of old bikes outside a dimly lit workshop. 
I jumped in the bug, and cruised on out the that area and came across the shop. Wandered in and had a chat to the old long haired guy that works in the shop with a majestic beard to see if he knew where I could get a rebuild kit for the carb. After a long conversation about the awsomeness of FA-50s, He said he wasnt sure where to get a rebuild kit, but if I dropped him the carb, he could probably sort the issues with it out. I asked what that would cost me...
He told me an approximate price, My jaw dropped....
I raced home, removed the carb and dropped it back to him.


Later on that week I received a phone call from him apologizing that it took so long to remedy, But hed got side tracked and forgot about my carb. (still talking about 3 days after I dropped him the carb so I wasnt bothered) He told me what I owed him and "Bring cash, I dont have that new fandangled EFTPOS"


More FA-50 yarns and an exchange of less cash than quoted, I had one freshly rebuilt FA-50 carb with new a needle valve and seat. pressure tested and all set up ready to fit back to the bike!

Got home, fitted carb, Kick started and started first kick! jumped on and went for a hoon round the 'hood.




19458918273_fee6d526f5_b.jpgDSC_0349 by OR4NGE, on Flickr



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I actually cannot remember the name of that place, Its on the right of Morrin road heading towards the roundabout end. Just a little garage on the end of a building. Has a ratty old sign on the wall and usually heaps of bikes out front. Dudes a GC.




On topic:



FA50 fronts been fairly quiet, Had been commuting to and from work on it enjoying the gas savings but really was getting a bit fed up with only doing about 44kmh topped out.

Decided to make it slightly more aero, and seeing as the indicators didnt work/missing lenses, I decided to 'delete' them and removed the rear carrier while i was at it. That left me stuck as to how I was going to mount the brake light. Ended up putting a bracket off the rear carrier mount hole and mounted it off that.

Then I came across an expansion chamber.....

Jammed that on, and had a fiddle with the carb on it, Turned the number plate into a spoiler and hit 55.4Kmh



22513431774_009618f576_z.jpgDSC_0469 by OR4NGE, on Flickr


Gained 11.4kmh top end speed and all of the RingDingDING and I am fairly happy with that.

Now to figure out how to get 60.


Where have I stashed that FZ50 twospeed gearbox......

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I picked the blue one up as a non runner after coming across it when I was waiting for my girlfriend to come back from her driving test for a price i couldnt refuse



Pulled the oil/fuel tanks and lines out of it and cleaned/flushed them out and refilled with new oil/fuel/premix. Checked for spark - Ok! Drained and refilled the transmission with new oil. Primed the carb and kicked it into life!

let it idle while I pumped the tires up and then rode it around the block. Definitely not as quick as my purple one, but still another FA50! 

I noticed on the ride that the carb drips out the overflow so I will pull it off and take it to the motorbike guy that repaired the purple ones carb. 

Plans are either to modify this one, and put the purple one back to standard for dailying or, get this one running good and modify the purple one further.plans is to try get more top end speed out of one of them as Ive had a few encounters with douchebag drivers that think that a fully registered moped that does the maximum legal speed of 50kmh is not entitled to use the road and they must drive like a douchebag around them and over take extremely close and amost clip me. 

So need to get more speed 


I aqquired a FZ50 two speed box a few weeks ago and found a 75cc kit on the internet that I might look into getting next year and building onto the FZ/FA combo box



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Purple FA50s been running mint

Took it to dromeageddon because Im a bitch with no fab skills so I couldnt build a dronebike.





Go hard or go home right







Also took this POS and spent more time trying to keep the kickstart in place/had to go buy circlips/making it run/lost drive/gaveup







Remember my other Fa50? the blue one....

It sort of fell apart....


26654724045_3d3ca1b42b_z.jpgUntitled by OR4NGE, on Flickr


and the paint disappeared


26627973816_082372cf2a_z.jpgUntitled by OR4NGE, on Flickr



but its now registered at least!


26589092811_59c98790c1_n.jpgUntitled by OR4NGE, on Flickr









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