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Tech Spam thread - because 1/4" BSP gets 5 hand spans to the jiggawatt


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On 16/03/2022 at 19:25, ajg193 said:

Doesn't logic dictate that if epsom salts actually made a shit battery really good then the factory would put it in?

From my reading, it depends on the failure mode.

If fails from over cycling (heavy discharge / recharge, the active material falls of the plates and shorts out plates (goes low impedance, depending on separator design). High current might clear the first wee shorts, and give more joy for a while.

If over-discharged, left flat, undercharged, can sulfate (goes high impedance?). Possible that's what the epsom salts does, is rearrange the ions after that's happened?


Of interest, I was going to measure between the plates, but couldn't get both probes in one holw.

I did however get a reading as soon as the probes were in the fluid (from cell to cell), 2V, 2V, 2V, 2V, 1.2V

So I know which end is faulty, just not which of those two cells, or which failure mode.

I may make up some skinny probes to get a better measure.


Oh, and Pulse charger:


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21 hours ago, h4nd said:

CTEK gave it a go, didn't think it was sulphated, charged it, then thought it was toast.


Epsom salts next.

I had one like the that Mr ctek didn't like it the first time, sorted it on the next start up thou.

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1 hour ago, rusty360 said:

I had one like the that Mr ctek didn't like it the first time, sorted it on the next start up thou.

I'll give it another try, (after 1/2 tablespoon of Epsom salts).

But it's busy having a go at a motobatt AGM bike battery, which it seems to think is sulphated, so ... fingers crossed.

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