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Sheepers buys a modern car.

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3 hours ago, tortron said:

Towel and wipes


How big the back seat? Prime doggin vehicle 

Many thoughts crossed my mind when I saw gloves, towels and first aid kit


im surprised it’s so intact.

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If you do coilovers, there's a bit of mucking around with the front otherwise the balljoint becomes one with the body on bumps, and various damaging things occur. Or it ends up stock height and looks silly  





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Depending on what brand of coilovers you get, it is entirely possible. 

The key thing is to set it up so the bump stop limits the travel before the balljoint can hit the body 

If I was setting them up from new I would remove the spring and bump stop and set them so the ball joint contacts at the same point as the shock bottoms out. That would give you a safe lowest setting, then fit the bumpstop and spring 

You would be surprised at how much the bump stop compresses 


It is reasonably common fix to reduce the travel at the shock via a nylon spacer above the bumpstop, as something like a BC shock has heaps more travel than it needs for that style of suspension 

Another option would be to get keeper springs and run the spring a lot looser  

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On 22/05/2022 at 10:20, sheepers said:

toyotas run super rich from factory, its just the way they are. there is many fuel savings to be had by taking out fuel from the map, and more speeds, but mostly fuel.

example, my 1JZ was running a factory computer when i first built it, i pushed 15PSI through it - stock setting is 9, and put an Apexi neo into the system. we took out 16% from the whole fuel map to get the AFRs into the 12s. 


Why do they do this? They do the same thing on the 1gr but not only that, when the computer senses any issue with air inlet temp it over fuels and pulls timing out to ensure engine safety, but it just makes it a slow thirsty pig with a bad rep.. Especially when towing. 


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Nice m8 

We should do a big body date 


I quite like my factory air with a controller. Can have high boy 4wd spec and nice static low for catching speedbumps. 

Would like to know more about the apexi computer though 

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