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Good score! Looks like a two for one kind of sweet deal.

Never seen a targa themed RX7 either. Seems someone at Mazda liked the 911 targa quite a lot at the time obviously and then hey Presto new trim spec RX7 model.

Mate just bought an RX7 here in Melbourne last week actually. Hasnt run in 17 years but fired up with some fresh fuel. I thought 3k AUD for a S1 banana yellow / brown interior seemed like a good price.


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yeah I believe only the North American market GSL and GSL-SE's had this dash with the rest being 'GS' style. I wonder if anyone could hack up a LHD GSL/GSL-SE dash to make it RHD much in the way some companies make LHD cars into RHD cars. I would have a spare dash to offer up.

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I was fuming and I was waiting a while for the person to come back, but what would it have achieved? it could have been a widdle old lady who was completely oblivious, or it could have been the hulk who would beat me to pulp.

There wasn't any monetary damage other than a bent plate, but that didn't stop me from writing the most Canadian passive aggressive note left on their windscreen. But yeah, next time it'll be four flat tyres with their valve stems removed.

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I saw your security footage of it getting reversed into, fuck that hurt to watch, right in the feels, man.

I'd go bronze on the wheels, but paint the lips nicely as well. Fully bronze wheel on a black car = winning. However, silver with polished lips would match the targa band quite nicely...

I like the targa band, but I like weird shit :-).

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