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Te Urewera Undertaking, 2019 Nov 29th, 30th, Dec 1st.

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A superfantstic event, Huge thanks to the organising team for putting this on and an awesome group of attendees. Very stoked to be a part of it. Bring on next year.



Props to @Beaver for his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it regarding affairs of hydro generation.




Also, very proud to announce that this years trip achieved a 1 star michelin rating!


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Thank you to everyone who participated, you're all top blokes. 

Huge thanks to the back up crews, you guys are even topper blokes! 

I feel Google map master J5 out did himself with the route, it was ace!

And thanks to the friendly team at doozi for the quick sticker printing, sorry I was a bit slow. 

I'm proper wrapped about the lack of mechanical failures, serious crashes, and instances of death, good work guys! 

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Departing the ferry this morning, I was on the upper deck with all the trucks. 

A driver asked me how far I was going. Told him my car was in Blenheim so not far. Then told where we've been. Another truck driver (portly Maori gentleman) overheard. And proclaimed loudly WHAT! ON THAT THING?!!! Yeah mate. 

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On a sad note though,

It appears my most prized possession and I parted company somewhere between the Motu and J-5's. 

Only noticed last night unloading Ronnie the Dio at Bluebridge. 

Need more Bort license plates to the gift shop please. Sadface.jpeg.


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25 minutes ago, tortron said:

Perhaps a reverse loop to keep it fresh

Then I can spin out and lose grip on all the opposite corners to this year! Keeeeeeen. 

@HighLUX I'm editing stuff as we speak. A shit tonne of footage so will hopefully have something up by the weekend. A lot of my footage is riding footage. 

If anyone has any good clips of general tomfoolery they'd be keen for me to include then let me know and I'm happy to download ya dropbox/google drive stuff. 

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