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Te Urewera Undertaking, 2019 Nov 29th, 30th, Dec 1st.

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1 hour ago, HighLUX said:

Someone needs to sacrifice a small engine

Working on scooter too late last night/gettin annoyed that it wasn’t running I started pulling the spark plug when I felt my sock getting wet-with petrol, hadn’t put the float bow on the carb :-?

was about to test the spark plug, would of been a good fire

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10 hours ago, Thphantum said:

@johnnyfiveI will have the weber on board again along with a couple of chilly bins, So anyone wanting liquid refreshments and food transported for the first night there should be room to accomodate this. This will allow us to have bbq food too. I will try to get to your place resonably early fri morning to allow a bit of time to suss this out. Will probably bring a selection of homekill bovine and swine for taste testing.

Cheers Mark. I can put some homekill sausages towards the rolling feed also, although might be quicker/safer if I pick up some precooked ones too. 

As far as vehicles goes, everyone is an adult, and free to do what they do. I don't feel its my place to tell people how to help out, I will offer my opinion though. ;-) 
The aim would be to gain a bit of efficiency with the cars, so, maximum people and bikes capacity per car/trailer combo. Hence the appeal of 5 seater utes with small tandem/large single axle trailer (preferably open top cage). 
I don't remember how many seats Max's 3dr Landcruiser had (maybe just 2?), and Marks 1tonner with 2 seats, but last year there were bikes and people coming off and on trailers throughout the trip. At times though I think from memory ute+trailer and the big box trailer were pretty well packed with passengers and bikes. A few people doubling on bikes. 

I think ideally x2 double cab utes with x2 trailers would be more than enough capacity, without taking excess vehicles. Obviously we can't be too picky though, about people that are choosing to volunteer their time and resources. (Everyone is very grateful to those willing to trundle along, half way past nowhere, slow AF, in the wake of us). 

I'm pretty excited about this though. Neato. Will try and get some emails out before next week.

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The hell? That bike's way too fancy for escapades! I'd be keen to see if that bike can still do an escapade when it's 40 years old like my A100 dual-banger!

On that note, I'm pretty sure that the manufacture date of my A100 is either November or December 1979. This undertaking will be it's 40th Birthday! I will celebrate by eating cake drinking beer, gin and/or purple goannas.


On 20/11/2019 at 09:51, MopedNZ said:

Prepping a road legal 49cc Motard for the event. 

New tyres and Chain today. Now for everything else! Got new front and rear pads/shoes for my bike + new black and gold chain for extra nangs. Looking forward to getting amongst it! 4 Stroke for the win.



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