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SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

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I have a 12a bridge port set up on its way from napier.. Oops. 

Package includes block, dizzy (needs modules), exedy clutch, s1 box, yoke, starter, alt, gilmour drive (cos rotor), oil cooler, coils. 

Picked up a s1 rx7 radiator today, it fits perfectly in place of the hunter radiator.

Only need oil cooler lines and dizzy modules. 

Buy new fuel pump and exhaust. 


Also have a pre made Rx mount set up for the hunter. 


I really had dreams of keeping it dead stock (not cutting etc), but the body isn't factory paint, it's been resprayed here and there over time. 

Plus I'd rather use it for fun, so why not Rx the bitch


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58 minutes ago, shizzl said:

The original motor requires a rebuild. 

Also needs an extra gear and better brakes. These need certing anyway, so why not up the power and smiles per hour

Wasn't there a factory overdrive option?

What axle are you going to use?

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Go hard, go early and drill port it.

Please don't forget the Ramflo filter for that extra 10%

Ooooooohhhhh this is gonna be fun. I cant wait to see the looks on the Barries faces next time the bonnets open at the  southland  A&P and classic car show etc  :shock:

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I've been a bit sidetracked from the hunter lately due to picking up a ln106 hilux project.. Deregd, so getting it ready for revin. Have also been working on the stockcar, but am selling that to sink some more funds into the hunter and the house I just brought down in bluff. 




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