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SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

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On 15/09/2018 at 14:04, d.p.n.s said:

strange thing.....haven't had anything to do with these motors in 13 years and your the 2nd person today to talk about them....got contacted by a dude a few hours ago thats putting 1 in a mk2 coritna

Someone put a bid on it, then had it removed today...


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This popped up on fb tonight..

Someone is selling a crossmember for a rotary conversion.. a s1 box will fit in with the stock tunnel providing a hydraulic release bearing is fitted, or add a bulge for the slave to operate.

Obviously a early hilux diff will need to be put in.



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well it seems that EVERY parts supplier is a useless noob.

I have spent atleast 30hrs on the phone over the last 8 working days trying to source shocks for this thing.

Ive even given measurements of the current inserts that have a monroe part number on them.. and also provided atleast 2 alternative options that may be close to what I need.

results = nothing.

So Im thinking the best way forward is to modify the spare struts into coilovers, use an insert that fits inside the tube, and can also bolt to a pillow ball mount.


In other news, ive been working on the intake manifold for the bike carbs.. have drilled out the plate for the 40x3 ali tube..

just need to get some 40id rubber couplers to mount the carbs to the intake runners, then mark and cut the middle 2 runners to suit.

then fizz it up... judging by various google images of the bike the carbs came off, they have a very low angle, maybe 2-3degree at the most.. saves having to angle the carbs way up.. also better for fitting a panel filter



then I need to work out what I need to do to the carbs to actually get it to run.. have also been looking at fuel pumps, aliexpress is probably the best option or a bike wrecker to pick up a stock bike pump.

other than that I will need to get some headers made up .


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im going to get the escort rims sandblasted at some stage, but I have no idea what colour to get them powder coated..


any suggestions would be good.. was thinking a dark grey (iron sand/grey friars) then colouring the original black key areas green.. or just go for a silver and dark grey detail combo




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