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SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

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Very interested to see what you think about those tyres i have been looking at their galaxy r1's so much more reasonable priced then bfgs etc. I know they are cheap tyres but people selling bfgs seem to have a massive markup on them and i dont believe they are that great of a tyre either. 

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9 minutes ago, shizzl said:

They feel quite soft/sticky.

Should have them on it next week

At $340 ($85/tyre) delivered they are worth trying out. They do have a 175/45 in these but STA didn't have any

Im looking at 295 50 15 galaxys @ $239 each vs bfg $555 each

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Well that worked..NOT

After being sold a can of paint they said would work fine, it didn't work at all.

Almost 2hrs spent masking up, it just flaked away with the tape.

So how do I get the rest off now..hmmm

Just put tape over the black paint, gave it 5 mins and it all pulled away.


So back to the drawing board ... 


Think I'll end up brushing these on now ffs



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The 1 person lowering kit (ie get the mrs to stand in the boot with a bag of cement... before and after shots..


Took it for its first drive on these wheels and tyres..

Much better ride, better corner with way less tyre roll, zero road noise.



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