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SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred


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Reset the timing again today. 

Got my auto sparky to "essentially" make up a starter cable. 

Now the starter is 100% wired up off the stock hunter setup.. So can still start it from the engine bay haha. 

Only have the dizzy power wire to connect up, and the alternator wires. 

Then lengthen the tach wire. 



Currently waiting on bits to arrive:



Exhaust components

Driveshaft hoop


I'm really stoked that she runs now.. Relit the fire to get it done


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Engine builder rang last night..


Any Rotor owner dreads the call from these guys..

"Hey mate, I pulled your engine down today..... And umm.................... "

Gulp... waiting for the bad news that its a grenade...

"It all looks good, ports are as rough as SH1, but the rest is mint"..


This motor has also had its springs swapped out for rx8/fd springs, so they have more tension than a stock 12a stuff...will go well with the new unbreakable seals.


So it turns out the porting is pretty average, so the plan he has for this is to turn it into a baby J port.

Were going to swap the housings for the mint pair of RX2/3 housings I have on the shelf. Theyr already ported and notched.

The ones that were in the motor will spin few triangles again, but have some peel.. do it once do it right ae..


I just have to drop my housings off, and flywheel so the whole rotating assembly can be balanced.. he wants me to run the lightened flywheel.


Should go well.....poor fuel card

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1 hour ago, cletus said:

Sprint RE for the engine rebuild? 

Locked in with a guy out west quite some time ago on the original motor. Which turned out to be a grenade.


has a very good reputation.


although I would’ve definitely gone with Sprint RE, I’ve known Jason for ages, actually did my van conversion in his workshop 20 years ago.



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