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Commadore gurus, VT commy no start?

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Asking on behalf of a mate.

Bout a month ago he stopped to buy gas, and his car hasn't run since.

He says it crank, and might give a fire, but no vroom. 

With the fuel line unhooked it gives the squirt of gas when the key is armed, and delivers fuel while cranking too. 


What are some things that might cause this symptom?

Do these engines run an ignitor pack? Or are the ignitors part of the coil? (Not that I know about such things)


I'm sure I've seen mention that some of you fine gentlemen are actually professional holden repairmen.  And this mate is not mega cashed up. So I'd like to help him get back on the road if I can.

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Is it a v6 or v8? My guess would be crank angle sensor or ignitor pulling dignostic codes would be best bet. Could be body module not talking to ecu possibly, try the Microsoft solution disconnect the battery put foot on brake pedal to discharge any capacitors reconnect and try starting.

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