Chris's Lloyd 600 50s Drag Bike

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Here we go team.

After a week of epic pining i have got this to show.

The frame is a 1939 Triumph 5H, Ill be making a jig off this and modifying the centre bar behind the engine to suit the lloyd 600. And also new bungs and bracketry to take tank/guard/solo seat/g box

The Engine is a 1955 Lloyd OHC 600. Air cooled. Hemi heads. Real trick bit of kit. Will run two carbs and a more modern cdi ignition unit.

Rear wheels is a Triumph MK2 Sprung rear hub.Real trick bit of gear. About 2" of trvel within the hub. So even tho the frame is rigid ill still have a bit of comfort.

The front wheel is a unknown triumph but sweet none theless

Gearbox will be a Norton Commando separate unit that will have a primary chain running to the Motor via primary chain.Gotta save for one of these as they average from $600-1000

Then ill need to buy a Harley Davidson Springer/girder front end.

The rest of it ill fabricate. Tank,Guard,Seat,Pegs,Levers.

Hoping to have a flat black powdercoated frame, Chrome wheels, Polished engine. and Traditional Lace painted tank and guard.





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sentiments echoed in well done formation

anticipation exclamation

so keen to see this unfold basically

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Wow! Im quite flatered by the response! Im planning on making the jig asap.

In regards to Lloyd parts i got three engines so i should be sweet thanks

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I whipped me up a bench for this today at work.

Sits the bike at a nice height.

So sat the frame on the bench and sat the engine and cable tied it in place.

Also triumph rear wheel bolted up.

Will start mounting engine /gearbox real soon!








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Ive actually got 3 lloyd 600 engines.Its mentioned to run two together.

Once the Triumph pre unit gearbox is mounted where it needs to be there aint much room in the frame. Still gotta fit battery and oil tank in there

Im impressed the changeability with parts.

40's Triumph rear wheel bolts in the 40's Royal Enfeild frame.

It shouldnt take much to mount componetry. Gonna get a little tricky with primary chain to gearbox though.

Really cant wait to fire it up.

I now have alot more time for this now that ive sold two of my project Datsuns and im nearing completion on my 1200 wagon.

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Just a slightly better mock up and now sitting on the gorund. Love the height and stance. Look forward to actually mounting everything properly. Must finish wagon though



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