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  1. Regarding front wheel dilemma and reading through the thread I may have some advice. MGB front discs should fit with a bit of matching of kingpins and the likes but not sure if it's a complete bolt over job. The two share a common ancestor. I used to work on a mad Wolseley 16/60 in Auckland for a customer, with a 260 Ford motor, the Y block having the right dimensions and of course the best sound the yanks have made to date. In that situation with the added weight and power, we cannibalised the discs and five stud hubs off the six cylinder as well as the tougher back axle. Loads of ratio options and the diff at least was a bolt in job. Loads more wheel options too. Ended up with Rover P5 Rostyles on it which suited it, the other less fun option is get an earlier Oxford drum and shoes, the later cars had an extra half inch of material hence weird shaped drums.
  2. Had one same year same colour recently, 22 thousand original miles and amazing. Loved it apart from the shocking steering. Just a FYI on the fuel pumps, I've fitted Lada type fuel pumps to Peugeot 504's which are two litre and never had an issue with starvation even during mad dorts. Check out the leaks but then check the hose at the tank end and the pickup in the tank, I've had to rod them before to get the crud out. Pause.
  3. After a load of work, time and two new owners.. It's come back, I enlisted the help of professionals to make the super complex rear lower guards. Pulled motor out for valve grind and clutch and now debating whether to OHV and 1725 it, kinda glad this thing has come back into my life- always regretted selling it.
  4. I have some good side panels and other bits for this you might be needing...
  5. Mint, I brought my first 501 NZeta back in the early 2000's as a lad (13)?. Used to easily have three up on the thing. There used to be loads around, I once answered an add in the Trade and Exchange and this old guy had a basement full of wonders (some would say junk). Bizzare handling things, especially with a half filled tank... The later 502 that I brought later was greatly improved, the auto clutch engagement is a cool feature, so you only needed the clutch when stationary.
  6. Must be hard getting into something that steers and stops after.. Love the SD1 man, great body on that one. There's only one true solution. Injected 3.9 motor and rimmer bros 2.5'" exhaust all the way through. Just finishing up on a three year rebuild of a VDP for a customer, elsewhere did the body but I did the mechanicals. When you sample one that's built up as it was intended, they are a magical thing.
  7. Yay, more Skoda's on OS. I've had a bunch of 110L and R's and know where to get a load of bits if you get stuck. Just don't tell everyone I'm a closet Skoda freak. Headgasket's weren't as big of an isuue as people made out, just most garages back in the day never got the alloy wet liner motors together right because Skoda and socks and sandals brigade.. Currently I've got a 66 Sabre and a S110R stashed away, Favorit motor does bolt in, but there are issues like manifolds and cooling that need to be addressed. In this country due to availability you're best to find a 120L and put the motor and five speed in as an upgrade. Much chur.
  8. Swoon
  9. Best read in a long time, keep em coming.....
  10. I'm in love with this wagon, considered the haul up country to rescue it myself.... I remember your parts car sitting on a lawn in Taita, Lower Hutt for many years. I know Mark from back in the day, I used to service his Lancia Thema. Then I ended up owning it.... He's got the bug baaaad.
  11. I have spares, loads. Cheap. Want another now..
  12. Just remember an MGB is basically a Morris Oxford convertible. All the running gear is shared. So if you want uprated shocks, more power and better diff ratios- do what the MGB boys do. You'll find a wealth of information online. If you want to go twin carbs, find a set off a Riley or similar to suit a 1622. 1800 ones are a bit rich in the jetting for your motor. Electronic ignition is good, not neccesary if you are capable of setting up dwell correctly. Check the condition of the mechanical advance and vaccum advance as these get forgotten about and really affect performance. More importantly, rust proof the front chassis outriggers- if they are still there. famous BMC rust spot.
  13. Don't you dare wreck this car with a Datto engine transplant. The B series is a super reliable and lovely motor. If anything find an MGB motor and an overdrive gearbox. Any advice you need I'm happy to help. Keep it BMC, theres a world of options and tuning parts available.
  14. That is tits, don't you dare Datsun it.. A worked 1380 with trumpeted SU's please
  15. Far out, not the first time I've seen brass sheet in a cam bucket. Billy bodger gets around. That crank definitely looks sketchy. My guess is someone rebuilt it in a hurry after oil starvation. Slapped it together without much knowlege and just chucked bearings at it randomally. Send it down for grinding and balancing if it's not too thin of metal. Bin it's oil pump if you go to bolt it back together.. The cam wheels look sexy as tho