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  1. my vy 3.8 used to show 8.7-8.8 on a long trip if you were nice to it so its certainly possible with a 3.8 , Ls1 will get around 9.7 same treatment but it does have lean cruise enabled after it was tuned.
  2. From memory there was 2 versions of bluetop big ports the early ones having smaller mains and big ends ect possible that there was some casting revisions between the two.
  3. Manu had a 16v running twin Su carbs in his starlet from memory.
  4. Yea the ndt guy I use is pretty dam good Leon put me onto him.
  5. Yes the bushing does , in my lotus 7 it basically uses a replica of the original 100e pedal with the pivot holes changed to make it reverse swing mount and originally they cut and welded the pedals when converting them. The bushings were braised into the pedal originally have had a friend ream and interference press the original bushing into a profile cut blank but want to weld it to make sure it cant move
  6. Single peice but the bushing and pad can be welded but must be designed in a way where is they fail it can still function. From memory in the manual
  7. @cletus building a brake pedal when welding the bushing into the pedal what are the rules is it like all other safety critical components where its Tig followed by NDT?
  8. Anyone see any issues using these https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-RG1319 over the standard trunnion setup off a herald its a scratch built leitch lotus 7, they are obviously by design a bit stronger than the original herald items.
  9. Love my Warren and brown torque wrenches I have 3 in varying sizes.
  10. Modifying of clutch pedals are they able to be welded and modified or are they in the same vein as brake pedals eg: a must be a single piece of 8mm with only welds on the pivot and pedal that if fail cannot cause a loss of function?
  11. We have a space in our lockup later in the year but could make it earlier possibly , However its in porirua the space is 100M2 split up 4 ways with 1/4 being storage racking with 2 cars underneath and then we all have 1/4 to work on stuff plenty of room for a car and a workbench and tools as its set up for now. Ive been in there for 3 years or so and the other guy has been there a year and a bit the guy that's moving out was part of the original 3 including me that rented the place. LED lighting inside and I have a air compressor , welder ect that happy to lend to people to use. its a commerci
  12. I run a breaker in my racecar as the battery is in the boot never had any issues with it and it will hold up to starting load (non gear reduction starter on a highly strung high comp 4 banger) . Most fuses have a trip curve of sorts to deal with peak loading vs constant overloading.
  13. Try running lump, kingsford run great doing snakes ect in my kettle but ash up too hard and have had coals get ashbound when doing long cooks in my offset. I use commodities nz lump 24-25$ 10kg nice big pieces I normally start with a big chimney of it then switch to running wood and may alternate between the two depending how much wood I have I use alot of Pohutakawa.
  14. @Skodie should get in here he has all his his stuff from back in the day with homebrew mods included
  15. Safaris had a factory voltage reducer did they not?
  16. He split with his missus and had to sell the workshop but he is still definitely in business from home.
  17. Have a look at motives videos on youtube they did a massive set of RB videos looking at lots of stuff inc oil pumps.
  18. A friends dad has been there for years (they used to be in newtown) they do really good work the other guy to talk to is Jimi at Revamp Upholstery in kilbirnie he is really good also.
  19. Good to see Leons Pris living on through another friend
  20. Tried Suspension Tech? he's usually pretty quick to get back
  21. So small updates been hoarding wheels and tyres after my holiday ill get the semi slicks and rally tyres put on them. Done some small things like a check valve in the booster line to help now that im not making so much vacuum I took out the Lambdalink gauge and fitted a proper wideband gauge I ordered a bunch of jets and air correctors from the uk to try refine the tuning as its running rich on the mains here is that seat that i put in too Today i dropped down ne main jet size and up
  22. right Lets try this again after loosing all my post. Right long time between updates got a new job , Married my partner of 7 years and had a 3 week honeymoon in Hawaii all of this meant that there wasnt alot of free coin for the racecar however shit has been getting done albeit slowly . There has been quite a bit of redos along the way but its really close to finished now and im happy with 99% of it anyway Sump Guard in retrospect id mount it slightly differently and chances are ill make some different mounts at some stage but im happy as it is for now
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