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  1. So after a few years away from any motorsport I went and volunteered for targa to do timing again for them with a bunch of mates i got the bug again i had eyed this up as it was so cheap anyway. I convinced my other half that there was no way could I finish my trueno for what this cost so that will be going even further on the back burner now after a lengthy chat with the seller the deal was done it has a bit of rust to contend with but none of it overly serious reg is on hold did its last event rally of gisbourne in 2011 then the guy had a kid and he didnt race again engine is a 1500 single cam engine, dual carb, has had mild cam work, mild porting, polished port, the pistons are one oversized and has been balanced. It is a standard gear box Has a terratrip. Has a full manz roll cage. Comes with it's log book it needs new belts but im fairly sure the ones in my trueno are still in date / they are cheap anyway so he said for a extra 100$ hed bring it to napier for me to halve my drive to go get it. I pick it up the first weekend of december as im away again in a couple of weeks so I cant wait plan is ill tackle the rust and give it a clean up on my break over xmas oh and look at that sweet momo steering wheel that really sealed the deal
  2. So not too much has been happening whilst I spent money on safety gear, Purchased a new Sabelt 3 layer FIA suit , Second hand hans sport 2 and a omp helmet and a headset for the intercom. However I had been looking for some cheap 15s and a something to protect the engine bay area. Some honda type r wheels popped up on facebook so nabbed them and a mate was selling a 6mm alloy bash plate that was on his runix race car so ventured to palmy today and picked the wheels up in levin on the way. With the larger front brakes the track gets pushed out 6mm so the new rims fit perfect on the front but the tyres are rubbing on the strut body on the back so have to run some 5mm spacers to clear they will be for gravel tyres only anyway as cheap second hand ones only come in 15 or 13 inch. My mate also gave me a big bit of underbody plastic as he doesn't need it now his car is track only. Now I haven't done nothing in between updates 63Ragtop saw a momo benetton steering wheel at a tip shop and posted it in spam knowing mine was really rough I asked him to get it for me and send it down. Now I never thought to look to see if my old wheel was legit and I never had the horn center on it as who would copy anything so ugly its cool but turns out it was a fake! I also installed one of these gizmos that gives me launch control and rev limiter easy to install and works really well and is easy to change
  3. So had a hankering lately of buying another bike as now they have put a time limit on licenses I thought I should look at getting my full. Anyway mostly uninspiring bikes turned up and they fetch quite good money still, always wanted a LS650 or S40 but you have to pay the high rego costs and its still slow for a 650. cue this thing popping up on the tard it's a bit rough around the edges but is a strong runner and has been repainted at some point. The day before I was heading up to test ride and purchase I noticed a cycleworks pipe that would fit and asked the seller if he would do a buy now and he agreed , I went there first he was a bit of a LS barry and had seen the bike and exclaimed it was the worst that he has seen! Overall the bike isnt too bad but it needs alot of polishing of the brightwork and a few bits tidied up one thing that happened on the ride home was one of the forks seals started leaking but they pumped out quite a bit of dirt so im going to clean the seals out and see how it goes. Also the speedo is hilariously out its at 85 on the speedo its doing 100 so might need to look at that but for now i'm unsure what im going to do with it other than ride it , The seat is quite uncomfortable and slopes down at the front too far this is a common complaint and most people fit the later S40 one piece seat or space up the front of the riders seat so im going to space it up and see how I go.
  4. So the shop replaced the spark plug and had it running mint they advised to change the air filter as it was extremely dirty and they were right. they also tried to fettle with the carb mixture screw but it is seized. now after changing what must have been a very clogged filter it was running lean with the new exhaust was getting a backfires ect and would stutter revving. Now my exhaust came with a ls650 jet kit so i thought id try the smallest one now it has factory a 125 main jet I swapped in a dynojet 138 main jet that may seem like a massive leap but a 138 dynojet jet = a 130 mikuni main jet and now its running mint ive tried everything to free the mixture screw but alas nothing has worked so il have to come up with something cunning but for right now its running mint.
  5. yea they are not up power wise with a sports bike 250 they make the same power as a vl250 cruiser, Ive had 250 2 smokers etc before. I only really use this to commute has a bit more power with the aftermarket pipe according to the bum dyno but it rode really easy on the motorway when I brought it back. I have seen a purple one this one originally was blue before it was repainted charcoal.
  6. yes it is this is just the 400 variant that was only made for a few years
  7. Fitted this bad boy today anyone that has a ls400,650 or s40 should do this only 50$ landed from amazon . Turns out my tap wasnt even working on the prime function ether so that would explain no difference when I put it on prime. Seems to run better at idle will take it for a ride tomorrow.
  8. So today I set out to do an oil and filter change as through the sight glass it looked extremely black and overfull, Now the overfull could be to do with what I suspect is a failing vacuum fuel tap and when I drained the oil not only was it the same colour as my drain pan it smelt of gas. it took me a good portion of the day to get the drain plug out as someone had stripped the head and overtightened it unfortunately its location prevents a 6 point socket from being used, I tried everything from a normal spanner , flare nut spanner to vice grips and a cold chisel in the end I drilled through it and put a allen key through it with a spanner for leverage. Even with this it slightly bent a 5mm allen key just shows how tight it was on! My new manual fuel tap is in auckland so should have it this week to fit before it gets its fork seals replaced and the carb looked at on wednesday.
  9. Have started tidying up a few bits fitted exhaust it the old one was fused to the pipe it broke at the weld then i cut through the remainder and cold chiseled it off. The old pipe also was quite rusty and someone had attacked it with a flapper wheel and it was starting to rust so I put some lava wrap on it seems to run sweet with the new pipe but having a few carb issues ( leaking out the overflow and sputtering last week when riding but would clear) and my fork seal is still leaking so it will have a visit to the shop soon. Biggest improvement has to be the seat it is a brand new s40 1 piece seat I got from colemans suzuki for 100$ as they had had it for ages in stock and wanted to sell it makes a massive difference in riding position and is much more comfortable as the old seat was pretty saggy.
  10. Holy fuck KK this thing is lush as, love the xe,xd coons
  11. Not much else has been happening really purchased another better A frame from Crustywhip have been trying to get it ready for the first round of the sprint series next week but have fallen short with the car being ready but me not so much with $$$ a bit short currently i need to get new overalls and resit my license as I let it lapse a couple of years ago semi sorted my roof with some plastidip untill I can afford to get it properly done still a bit rough but it will do for now Got the missus to give it a good scrub up whilst I was repairing her new mazdas broken window motor gear came up looking semi respectable if you dont look too hard. basically ready to run now probably needs a jam on a dyno at some point to fine tune and I need to make up a bashplate / underbody protection it came with some thin as alloy plate so hopefully iI can use that for a template.
  12. let me know if you want a hand I can spare a few nights
  13. Right much like last year at christmas/ new years im getting stuck in after 4 days away over christmas i had to work 2 days before a 10 day holiday so..... Thursday night i started to remove the box and swap over flywheel and jam a new clutch kit and rear main seal in whilst I had it all out to my surprise it has a puk clutch in it with a standard pressure plate the plates a worn ish so i chucked my new HD exedy clutch kit in. all relatively painless turned a bit of 20x20 box into a flywheel holding tool a mate gave me a hand and all up it probably was abut 5-6 hours work , Certainly much easier than my ae92 revs up pretty fast the new flywheel is less than half the weight of the old one bum dyno suggests its a bit faster and now the brakes work its less sketchy anywho todays job was tackling the last bit of known rust i cut it all out and patched it with the patch panel i had including patching up the chassis rail as it had rusted through both skins , all relatively painless skim coat of filler and some rust kill and underseal looks mint , with a authority card ect it would pass a wof now I hope. from this to this truck bed liner stuff ive used looks shiny but will go matte when dry its a bit harder wearing than underseal on gravel ive found and here's a short vid its quite revy now
  14. sooo stuff has been happening I moved out from UJs place into a place about 5 mins from home that I can have both cars in so cue moving cars and putting in storage ect. so basically that has sapped alot of $$ however I did sell off a bunch of bits that allowed me to buy some stuff Randomly found this on yahoo Japan ummed and arrred about getting it then it became favorable $$ wise to bring it in its a 2.9kg chromoly flywheel (factory is 6.6kg im told) , And seeing as my clutch was almost at the end of its adjustment and the uptake was quite high I also purchased a new clutch kit and rear main seal. Now last weekend when moving the car i noticed that the right rear drum was binding , now i never touched the rears because I didnt really want to mess with the drums but now had no choice i had suspected one wheel cyl was leaking anyway so I ordered new wheel cyls and had a set of new shoes in stock after buying them supercheap off trademe at the beginning of the year all up im about 45$ in as parts are super cheap. Passengers side wheel cyl was stuck and not working at all and when I pulled the drivers side off the linings fell out they had come away from the shoes erm yea that will be that binding oh and the wheel cyl was a bit stuck and leaking. Didnt get snap a photo stupidly of new gears in and just after I finished bleeding them the Coastguard pager went off so I haven't had a chance to road test it yet put pedal feel is much better. Ive signed up for the gravel sprint series next year so just need to do the following over christmas Patch rust in passengers side inner guard Replace flywheel , clutch and rear main seal Replace torn outer cv boot weld in o2 bung into exhaust and check afrs waterblast the massive amounts of dirt out of the wheel arches and rear suspension probably wont be road legal for the first round but wont be far off
  15. I think i have a manual for one of these somewhere for when i had my 250n if i find it you can have it if you want.
  16. ok so wee while between updates I blame the crap weather we have had and a busy schedule things have slowly been happening. Manu is currently modifying my aframe to work with the car so i can tow it round. I scored a bunch of bits off a guy I know that came off his old etude that he wrecked he was hording for that "one day" he gets another that that resulted in this happening much earlier than I expected they call it the vr4 conversion. Basically its 266mmx22mm vr4 mitisi rotors over mazda bfmp hubs that get machined to take the rotor over the top instead of bolted behind and then you use gtx calipers . the rotors were almost brand new but needed skimming as they looked like they had sat in the sea but came up ok , the calipers are refurbished with new seals and the hubs had been modified and had longer studs put in the only bit I needed to get was some bfmp caliper bolts that weren't that easy to track down but I got there. form this To this also scored a strut brace While I was doing the brake upgrade I poked at a scabby patch that someone had put on and found a large rust hole so I was trying to find a patch panel from another car to make it much easier. I Hadn't seen one at pick a part in some time so I was trying a few other avenues and crustywhip said there was a KA laser at pick a part so I went down and liberated it of the section I needed it put up a good fight. here's the patch ready to get cut up after i removed the spot welds here to remove the chassis rail its triple skinned here I dollied it back into shape after all the removal from the car and drilling it and cold chiseling it got a bit deformed Once that bit of rust is fixed its ready to race took it for a test drive after doing the brakes and they make a big difference will be better when they have some quality pads in them and it was my first drive since rejetting the carbs months ago man it runs way better more mid range. Have to get my o2 sensor bung fitted so I can see what the afrs are doing.
  17. my ag100 does this if i haven't ridden it in ages pops free easy enough after a meter or 2 of riding
  18. so been cracking on with a few small jobs . A few weeks ago Blizzo commented on Rhyscar's facebook page showing some 3d printed trumpets so iI contacted the guy they were cheap enough to take a gamble on so I got a set. this was about half way through sanding them smooth as you can see they fit nicely I also modified my air filter housing to have bolts right through to make it much easier to get the element in and out and the housing back together I also made some cable tie ignition lead holders to tidy up the engine bay and cable tied all the loose wiring that was in the engine bay now last week while I was fiddling with some stuff I finally worked out what the snapped off switch by the drivers side door on the dash was it was for the fuel pump I had thought it was strange it had no switch , So I moved that to a better place and put in a switch for the afr meter and a overide switch for the radiator fan just need to make up some labels at work . I also got my horn working that turned to to be the contact for the ring was a bit jammed up and it wasnt maing any contact so that is all working so I can get closer to getting a wof
  19. sooo close to the end now been doing a whole bunch of tidyup stuff thats not noteworthy after a talk with webber specialties he gave me some jetting advice on, when the carb was on blizzos car the jetting was 55 F8 idle F11 emulsion tubes 125 mains 170 air correctors his recommendations had the full setup but 50 F9 idle jets F16 emulsion tubes 150 mains 180 air correctors this was about 190$ worth of changes from nz and well that was just a bit too much for me this week so i got them in from the uk 105$ and was here in under a week I had had a hard starting issue with the new plugs from cold and a stumble when blipping the throttle and i couldn't tune it out, after talking to a friend that is much better at tuning carbs than me he asked my why i was still running my vac advance and that that could cause my issues with the stumble and just set it at 10deg at idle , so I changed my old plugs back today and found I hadn't tightened no4 so that is probably the hard starting issue haha . So today I removed the vac advance and tgb lent me his timing light and it was pretty much bang on 10 deg needed to wind in a bit more fuel as it was popping a bit so that was fine idling at 1100rpm quite fine (it isnt that smooth with the cam under that ) and the throttle response is much better than before . I have a lambda link afr gauge and a copy of a bosch lsm 11 semi wide band sensor to go in that ive had kicking round for years . so here is the result of todays efforts
  20. that's not too bad then and yes some of those old cages are super sketchy design wise or some real old one made from scaffold pipe or ally , Jonathan has made some for my car and a friends so i'll let you know how we get on with them mine are exactly the same as yours but for 45s and my mates are 50mm long they were cheap enough to take a punt on as i have the same space constraints in the mazda.
  21. I was going to ask how the new trumpets went but obviously not much chance to test them, How much damage was done to the cage ? glad you guys came out of it ok ive had my share of offs in the co drivers seat and know that feeling of just hanging on because you are just a passenger at that point waiting for it to stop. Keen to see this rise from the ashes so to speak and get going again.
  22. Think a large large bottle (the only size they do ) on my account when i looked was like 600$ but that would be lots of fills, there was a episode on finnagins garage on youtube on filling with a straight hose to a 10lb bottle using a bottle heater on the big bottle and icing the small bottles to get them full
  23. Shit yea thats awesome , whats a bottle cost to fill ?
  24. stainless steel isnt that conductive, less so than regular steel , not some weird rev limiter in the aftermarket cdi?