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Sheepers' RA28 Celica

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8 hours ago, RUNAMUCK said:

I think there really needs to be a full throttle stationary cooling system test, just to make sure its 100% right. 

Please film, and post results.

I was gonna suggest that too, however it was just on a dyno which is the same thing really.

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If you want to try some launch control stuff at the drags with just one wheelspeed sensor then I've found this can work good 


But probably not 4200rpm launch when it's making a shitload of power there haha.

Not sure if its better to use a fuel cut instead of ign cut though. 

Might be harder to get a burnout going though, and that's possibly 80% of the point of drags

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3 minutes ago, sheepers said:

that was the only pass i made with such a good launch and some actual traction through first and second.

rest of the day was all 13.2, 13.4 with wheel spin at the first part of the track.

Worth getting some sticky drag slick big tyres for next time just even for science? 

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36 minutes ago, sheepers said:

the dash is coming along but i thought i should see if it works before i get to much further down the track.

temp wired it and it works.

now i have to learn a bunch about customising which data gets sent to the dash and also how to drive the dash customisation software.


50834167616_8ea4c3d1f4_b.jpg2021-01-14_08-13-50 by sheepers, on Flickr


Looks like its idling a bit high.. 



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Look forward to seeing how that dash turns out! 

It's massively underrated to have a dash (and/or ECU) that can just flash "stop the car, idiot!" in your face instead of having to interpret constantly sweeping gauges while you're concentrating on barrelling down the track at way to fast o-clock.

I'm still chuffed on your behalf for getting a 12, thats friggen sweet.

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yea im looking forward to seeing whats going on inside the engine as i hoon.

more information is always good.

unfortunately because the instructions for the aim dash are so fucking bad i put power to a pin i shouldn't have and fried something so the dash is now on its way back to aim in australia to get repaired. 

the information that comes from aim is so bad that i would actually recommend you buy another brand of dash if your looking. 

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