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  1. Dash looks great, and will have plenty of options l presume ......whats it cost .. yes I'm sitting down
  2. Stupid question time.....are those electric fans sucky or blowing . Also does one go all the time . Doesn't the early 1UZ use a hydraulic driven one that runs all the time . The problem must be simple just not clear as mud
  3. The front water bipass joint , could be blocked or gasket not right .
  4. Worked out editing, as you can see , I've had to use red and blue plastics . I'm thinking I might paint the whole thing black ...
  5. Quad 2 is ready to ride all be it with no front brakes. Drum brakes are so shit they o set up on these things . Now I have learn how to drive my new phone to use pics !!!
  6. All go on the spa .....nothing till today on the quad. Bought a new gel battery on trademe .....gotta love Afterpay!! . Have been rather too busy to tinker on the quads . But the spa is great ! Next job on quad two is to get the brakes finished , l managed to remove the too tight hub nuts on Quad 3 , thanks to a new impact driver . Advice to budding quad wreckers/ builders ....buy an impact tool .
  7. Well still waiting for the rebuild kit. Had a go today at starting the bugger , only to find the sparkplug was no go ! Robbed the one from Quad 1 to try .....fired first turn ....blood thing , my dad always said you only need fuel and spark boy and you're away . I hope he's not looking down at me laughing . So quad 3 had a good plug so put that in and yay . Tomorrow if she runs good I'll start putting the plastics on .Still need to fix a rear puncture and find some decent tyres for the other wheels .
  8. While waiting for the carb rebuild kit to come . I thought I'll strip the carb down . Wouldn't you know it , the adjustable mixture screw was seized ....It wouldn't budge , so I had no choice but to drill it out !! Luckily there is a spring , so when I drilled down to the spring I could extract the offending pieces . l had s spare from and earlier put the carb back together . Reinstalled and had a go at starting ....away it went haha . Still along way to go but great outcome .
  9. My old 250 Suzy quad tows a trailer loaded with sand , they definitely can tow , stopping is a little difficult though .
  10. Quad 2 has got starting /flooding issues ....so much so that fuel leaks out the exhaust !! . So I've ordered a carb rebuild kit off Ali express to try out . In the meantime the spa pool went great until I noticed the manifold for the jets started leaking ....so I'll get a new one and install a timer so it's not running in the middle of the night , then will able to have some luxury soon.
  11. Well removed the muffler from Quad 3 . .perfect condition . Topped up the flat battery with some acid and charged it up . Surprise its got 12 volts ! So started quad 2 up and went for a quick run .. Fantastic, just have to get the front brake working better . Then I'll get plastics from 2 , 3 and 4 fixed up might paint them matt black . . All and all a productive day . on the spa front I replaced the o rings and yay no leaks . Just have to fix the cover up.
  12. Well I had a plan of stripping down quad 3 and 4 , but first job was installing a pump on my other new project a spa pool. Note to self when doing a spa pool . Replace o rings !!! Pump is great , controller works , but unions leak . Then I put my back out and so quad work is out . Oh well next weekend I'll have o rings and new filter for the spa to do , and might get started on Quad 3
  13. Yuck sounds like a typical Suzuki balls up design
  14. The starter on mine is just a cog on the end of the motor . Have you removed the starter to check
  15. Picked up two more quads , one rusted beyond help the other has electrical and age problems . The plan is to use parts for Quad 1 and 2 where needed , and maybe build Quad 3 to sell . Pics to follow
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