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On 30/07/2019 at 16:50, Alfashark said:

Possibly old moulds that Italeri have acquired from somewhere.

Its a old Revell -> ESCI kit from the late 70s. I semi built the Revell mark 2 and was disappointed in how bad the body was but the little BDA was cool.


@Scrubb waiting with interest in how your Lancer comes out as Ive heard mixed reviews on Beemax kits and are really keen on their Delta S4

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9 hours ago, a.craw4d said:

@Scrubb How'd you paint the 86?

Airbrush, can or brush?

Looks awesome.


Thanks! I surprised myself with how that turned out, actually lol.

I painted it using an airbrush with Tamiya Metallic Orange and 2k urethane clear for the clear coat.

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Thanks fullahs, you're too kind.


Not really a massive technique, I just had a look at what seemed really effective in youtube vids & on various sites, and just tried to copy them.

The worn look (or chipping as it's known) is basically to show areas of paint that have been chipped off to the primer or even the metal. The metal will then rust if it's exposed to the elements. If you look at old lathes, presses etc in factories you'll get the idea.

Some people seem to do it by actually layering the paint with a "chipping compound" and then physically removing the top layer with various methods.

I've just gone for a bit of paint on top aiming for the same effect. Chose a colour that's what you think the primer would be, but that also contrasts with the top coat and the gently go at it with a small brush. Little by little build it up, thinking about what areas would get the most abuse. Edges of panels, damage, foot & hand holds. Fucking great holes from 88 mm shells.

If you look at the dozer blade, the top coat is chipped the most, then the primer is exposed but the leading edge is bare metal. Real diggers look like this. The rust is showing under the primer but is worn off in the heavy use areas. The rust and rust streaking is just that, places that would be exposed or vertical surfaces where rusty water would run down. Practice, practice and take it steady...

My top tips would be watch a load of youtube. "night shift" is a very skilled and informative bloke. Also get a pack of rust effect acrylics. Vallejo do a set which has many shades and is nice to use. Google "Shigeyuki Mizuno", that man knows rust. His bombed tank factory is amazing. 

The biggest lol of it all  is that there's so much politics about over use of any technique. Armour, and indeed most metal from the 30' & 40's takes ages to rust. It certainly wouldn't be full of rust holes during the war. There's tanks on beaches in France that have got two tides a day since 1944 that aren't that rusty. Chipping looks great but too much just looks like a cartoon. It's all good though, and it should all be done to make the builder happy.

There's no reason not to use it on cars though, and it'd probably look more realistic as you could have big rust holes. I'm looking forward to doing a rusty Hako at some point.

Anyway, lecture over, thanks for your appreciation.




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Very good. Looking forward to pics of "rusty" car models. Will be interesting to see how you make the holes look realistic.

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21 hours ago, igor said:

Very good. Looking forward to pics of "rusty" car models. Will be interesting to see how you make the holes look realistic.

I've got a 59 Caddy coupe that I never started. I'm already looking at pics of abandoned ones to see where they crumble. 

/watch this space...

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I just looked up images of that Shigeyuki Mizuno fella (or is it a company/group of bloody skilled artists?)

WOW. So many cool models.

My dream would be to combine model talents like that with model trains to maximum effect. Imagine a big model train setup , the likes of the Pendon museum etc, with trains rolling through scenes like what the above mentioned has created!

My nerdy video of pendon model railway (OMG! How fucking popular has my video been- its had 198 views in less than 2 years ....:cheers: eat that fucking project blinky! )



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@yoeddynz, you should start building it, your shed's big enough. 

That set-up in your video is pretty cool, 203 views now.

Shigeyuki Mizuno is indeed a fellah and as you say, and a seriously skilled one.

I was thinking about the whole super realism thing having looked at some stuff on the model forum and I reckon we get more demanding as we get older.

As a kid you're happy to let your imagination fill in the gaps in your talent (or blank out the shag pile sticking through your train set rails). 

I think there's a ceiling to the realism, after that it's down to clever photography.

I'm not a train person but was certainly impressed with Rod Stewarts layout.


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